Pobedy (Victory) Square


The central building of the Pobedy (Victory) square ensemble is the magnificent memorial complex dedicated to the defenders of Leningrad

People all over the country donated money for the construction of this monument. It was created by a large artistic team under the guidance of the architects S.B. Speransky and V.A. Kamensky. The sculptural part was performed by the sculptor M.K. Anikushin. The monument was opened on 9 May 1975, the 30th anniversary of the victory over the enemy. The compositional center of the complex is the 48 meter tall granite obelisk. At the pedestal of the obelisk there is a sculptural composition named «The Invincible». It depicts soldiers, rebels, workers, women, wives and mothers of soldiers — all who stood up for the city and managed to defend it committing a battle and labour feat. The open memorial hall «Siege» is located in the center of the complex. The upper part of the hall, where two granite stairs lead, is surrounded by a symbolic ring similar to the siege ring that bound the city in 1941. The total length of the granite ring is 124 meters and it is torn from the side of Pulkovo. On the outer side there is an inscription – «For your feat, Leningrad!»

  • Address: St. Petersburg, ploshad Pobedy
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