Moscow Triumphal Gate


At the junction of Moscow and Ligovsky Avenues, a magnificent gate rises - a monument of Russian military glory.

The Moscow Triumphal Gate was inaugurated in 1838 as a monument in honor of Russia's victory over Turkey and Persia in the wars of 1826-1829. They are designed by architect V.P. Stasov, and the sculptures are cast according to the models of B.I. Orlovsky. Twelve cast-iron Doric columns support a heavy cast-iron ceiling, which depicts angels with the arms of the Russian provinces. The gates are crowned with eight decorative groups depicting military armor and trophies. Moscow triumphal gates amaze with the grandeur, simplicity and restraint of architectural forms, they are an example of engineering and technical art of that time.

  • Address: St. Petersburg, Moscow Ave, 103
  • Working time: Round table
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