The Church of all Saints honoured in St.Petersburg land at The Levashovo Memorial Chemistry.

The Church of all Saintshonoured in St.-Petersburg land was buil taccording to the blessing of the Metropolitan of St.-Petersburg and Ladoga Varsonofiy in 2017. The construction of the church was in charge of an archpriest Roman Kovalskiy.

It is situated by the memorial chemistry Levashovo Pustosh.

The history of Levashovo Pustosh takes its originin 1937, when a plot of land of 11.5 ha was given to NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) to bury victims of political repressions. Eversincefor 17 years people of different nationalities and creed, old or young, men or women, who were put to death, were being brought to Levashovo. According to substantiated evidence 46771people were executed by a firing squadin Leningrad from 1937 to 1954, and nearly all of them are at rest in Levashovo.

In 1989 KGB (Committee for State Security) put the information about Levashovo pustosh into the public domain.  After publishing the list of the people put to death and exonerated afterwards, their relatives, who had been looking for their kindred gone missing for decades, started to come here.   They have been erecting symbolic monuments in the memorial chemistry. In commemoration of the fallen stone grey monuments, crosses, lots of photographs on the trees have been appearing.

Municipal government, Societies of the repressed, architects have been encouraging the initiative in arrangement of Levashovo memorial chemistry.

As of on September, 1, 2017,there were 1300 private and 40 public monuments here. They were erected to the citizens of the cities: St.-Petersburg, Pskov and Porhov, of the oblasts of Astrakhan, Novgorod, Vologda (to the nuns of Goritsk Convent), of the countries:  Belorussia, Ukraine, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Israel, Italy, Germany, Norway and to the Assyrians as well. Among the put to death people there wereare churchmen, philosophers, poets, doctors, power engineers and many, many others.

At the entrance to the territory of Levashovo pustosh there is a museum with the exposition dedicated to the fallen. You can see here privated ocuments, letters, photographs and other showpieces given mainly by the relatives.  There is a guest book there as well, where the visitors write their touching comments. The admission in the museum is free.

On May, 12, 2018 the Most Holy Patriarch Kirill consecrated the church with the small ceremony. Here are some words from the Most Holy Patriarch’s sermon:  “We are standing on a special place. There are a lot of such places the length and breadth of Russia: Butovo in Moscow, Levashovoin St.-Petersburg… They are our Golgothas. And like the Galgotha, Chist was crucified on,taught the world a lot, our Russian Golgathas, on the first hand, have to teach us the fact that Christian faith cannot be destroyed in the human race. It is so even in the case when the desire to destroy the faith becomes the political program of the powerful rulers of entire states – there will be no result…”

One of the church relics is the icon with the saints of Levashovo pustosh.

The Pilgrimage service of the Church of all Saints honoured in St.-Petersburg landorganizes the excursions from half an hour to one hour and a half long.

It is possible to organize setmeals in the church fratery (canteen), which holds 50 people.

There is a free parking for busses and cars near the church.


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