Konevitsa Nativity Monastery


One of the oldest monasteries in Leningrad region was founded on the Konevitsa island in the end of XIV century

Konevitsa Nativity Monastery was founded on the Konevitsa island in the Ladoga lake in 1393. Its founder was rev. Arseni Konevski. Nowadays his relics are one of the main shrines of the Monastery. Another one is the Theotokos icon, which was brought by him from the Athos mountain. The monks had to leave the island three times, so the ancient buildings did not preserve. The oldest one is a wooden chapel, built in 1740. There is a Kasaninskeete, founded at the end of the XVIII century. But most of the buildings were built in the XIX century. Monastic life returned to the island in 1991. A new stage of restoration started in 2016 after the Monastery was visited by the President of Russian Federation. In excursions held around the Monastery, our guests receive information on the history and modern life of the Monastery.


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