Galaktorium Museum


For centuries, people have looked into the night sky and wondered - what is there, on the distant stars? The answer to this question was the first in St. Petersburg museum of alien life "Galaktorium" - an embodied fantasy about other universes and distant galaxies.
Created by a team of high-quality artists, props and decorators, this project combines childhood dreams of space, the joy of pioneering and admiration for technological progress.
Who hasn't dreamed of becoming an astronaut and shaking hands with a representative of alien life? So why wait?
We invite you to teleport to the colorful ExoPlanet, where, without spacesuits, you can travel and meet its inhabitants!


  • Address: Veterans Avenue, 169 k4
  • Phone Number: +7 (962) 723 - 1011
  • Site:
  • Working time: Round table
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