The «White Nights» is situated in the suburb of St. Petersburg, in an ecologically clean area by the Baltic Sea

Historically and geographically the landscape and climatic zoning of this area has been suitable for balneology with favorable climate and rich hydromineral resources.

Climate pattern is defined by the proximity of the sea, abundance of rivers, ponds, and a coastal sand dune of white golden sand that reflects light, creating warm air currents that affect local microclimate.

The health resort has access to unique local therapeutic mud and mineral water.

Therapeutic mud, by content of organic substances, is close to sapropel. Unique local clays have the ability to auto-oxidize when exposed to air. 

The mineral water was called "Cambrian" due to its hydrogeologic origin. It comes from Gdovsky artesian aquifer basin. The water is characterized as potable, sodium chloride, low-salt table water (salt concentration under 2 grams per liter), weakly alkaline (PH-7.5, radon content 0.025 kilobecquerel (7-8 Mache units) per liter.

Extensive park area (33 hectares), allows to use nature-landscape-climatic effects for training purposes, that is, for tempering and increasing physical stamina, and for esthetic purposes.

Along with the main part, the park has the seaside area, forest area, walking paths, terrainkurs with mapped routes for dosed walking, special resting areas and sports grounds.

«Medical SPA «White Nights» is multidisciplinary and can accommodate 240 patients at once. About 6 thousand patients undergo treatment in our medical center every year.

  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Treatment centre
  • Paid Parking
Swimming pool
Treatment centre
Paid Parking
  • Address: 2, 38th kilometre of Primorskoe shosse, Sestroreck, Saint Petersburg
  • Phone Number: +7 (800) 200-11-41
  • Fax: +7 (812) 437-36-32
  • Site: www.white-nights.ru
  • Email: sale@white-nights.ru
  • Working time: Round table
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