Smart Welcome


"Smart Welcome" - a cozy and comfortable hotel, working on a smart concept. It is a combination of high technology with the best traditions of hospitality. You find yourself in a hotel where everything is organized for fruitful work or a great holiday and functions like clockwork.

The hotel rooms are equipped with the latest technological advances.  They have a system of " Smart home – - intelligent interaction of various means of life support and safety management. It provides convenience and comfort at a high level, combining the work of all subsystems, which our guest can easily control with a single device.

Our guests should not worry whether they have closed the water in the room or turned off the lights. These things are controlled by the Smart home system. The water and light sensors on your tablet will give you comprehensive information. Access to the rooms and the hotel is only possible with an individual code. The room can not get random people, we appreciate the safety of our guests and their right to personal space, even in the hotel. In addition, the hotel has a video surveillance system and a fire alarm system, and each room has a security button. The cozy and beautifully decorated rooms, which are cleaned daily, offers everything they may need, in a modern technological design.

  • Breakfast
  • Free parking
Free parking
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