Expected events of spring 2021

Museum Night 2021

Date and venue: May, 22-23 Museums of Saint-Petersburg

The festival is hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the «Culture.ru» portal. 

The program of the Museum Night will include exhibitions, workshops, theatre performances, concerts and other activities all night long. The festival, which has already become traditional for our city will take place this year on the night of may 23.

Preparations for the festival are underway. The hosts are choosing its subject. The topic of the previous festival was «Symbols». Museums - participants of the festival helped to understand the behind the  pieces of art  of different centuries and decode cultural patterns.


XVI St. Petersburg Book Salon

Date and venue: May 26-29, Dvortsovaya square

Saint-Petersburg International Book Fair – one of the largest and most important events and its mission development and popularization of reading in Russia, and the promotion of Russian literature abroad.

This year citizens and guests of Saint-Petersburg will have a chance to celebrate the birthday of our city in an atmosphere of a book festival in the heart of St. Petersburg/

St. Petersburg Book Salon is held annually since 2006 and since then it has evolved from an ordinary book festival into a major festival, an event anticipated by the book industry and readers.


Traditional show "Classics at Dvortsovaya"

Date and venue: May 27, Dvortsovaya square

On St. Petersburg City Day - the day of the foundation of our city an annual concert of classical music takes place. World-class opera singers will perform at the show. All music pieces are performed by the Grand Symphony Orchestra, which gives the event its special status. 


Wedding gear in culture of the peoples of Eurasia

Date and venue: may 15-17, Russian Museum of Ethnography

The exhibition introduces the collection of wedding suits of the peoples of the Russian Empire, many of which were a variant of festive clothing, only made from more expensive fabrics and supplemented with the maximum set of accessories. Along with the exhibiting of individual items, complete sets of costumes of the participants of the wedding celebration are presented: the bride and groom, wedding officials, relatives and guests, many of which will be exhibited for the first time.


Ice-cream Festival

Date and venue: may 27, Ostrovsky Square.

The annual Ice-Cream Festival, traditionally held on the St. Petersburg City Day is visited by more than 60 thousand people. During the festival around 35-40 tons of Ice-Cream is eaten by guests. All day long citizens and guests of St. Petersburg will enjoy not only delicious and various ice-cream, but also a very rich cultural and entertainment program including various famous artists and bands, working in various music styles.  

The Ice-cream Festival is not just a celebration for those, who love this refreshing sweet treat, but also an important charitable event. During the opening ceremony the governor of St. Petersburg traditionally presents a certificate for 1000 servings of ice-cream for orphanage children.


Photos: pixabay.com; ethnomuseum.ru