Expected Events of Autumn 2021


Dresden Opera Ball in St. Petersburg

Date and venue: September 4; Tsarskoye Selo

Dresden Opera Ball in St. Petersburg is the largest cultural and charitable event in the world of classical music held as part of cooperation between St. Petersburg and Dresden. The famous Catherine Palace will open its doors for Russian and foreign representatives of politics, business community, culture, sport science and social sector. The event will also be broadcasted for the residents and guests of St. Petersburg on special screens, installed on the square behind the Catherine Palace. The gorgeous halls of Catherine Palace will receive around 750 guests, and the park will be opened for 4000-5000 viewers, who will get a chance enjoy the concert on the outdoor stage.


Tourism Week in St. Petersburg

Date and venue: September 21-28, cultural institutions of St. Petersburg

The major social event «Hospitable St. Petersburg» will take place as part of World Tourism Day celebration.

During the Tourism Week a major program for tourists and residents of St. Petersburg will be organized. It will give an opportunity to visit museums and other cultural venues of our city as well as boat tours, walking and bus tours around St. Petersburg. Free tickets will be available on the visit-petersburg.ru web-site.

The «St. Petersburg Book Lighthouse» Festival

Date and venue: October 9-1; The National Library of Russia

The book and intellectual festival for the residents and guests of our city: for everyone who love to read, for those who wright them, who publish and distributes them.

The event will be held in the new mixed on-line and off-line format. Several simultaneous live streaming channels will be organized. Streaming sessions will be held every day between 12 and 24 a.m.

The program of the festival will include выступления популярных писателей, literature discussions, «Literary Charades» with famous actors, useful workshops by the leading experts of the book industry and a lot more. During the three days of the festival more than 60 off-line and on-line meetings and their public broadcasts will be held.  

XXIII «Baltic House» international theatre festival

Date and venue: October 6-20; «Baltic House» theatre

One of the most established theatre forums in Europe and the primary festival of the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC) that conducts meetings of the executive committee of the association as part of the «Baltic House» festival. The festival annually presents local and foreign performances. During the festival many meet-the-artist sessions, scientific conferences and panel discussions take place. All the events are dedicated to the topic of problems and development of modern dramatic art.

The «Wonder of Light» festival

Date and venue: November 2021; Palace Square

«Wonder of Light» is the name of the annual light festival that takes place in St. Petersburg since 2016. The festival represents a unique major show that presents St. Petersburg as one of the leading light design capitals of the World. The plot of the show consists of inter-connected visualizations of topics like the history of St. Petersburg and the history of Russian Federation. During the festival some of the most famous building of our city turns into the screen for the 3d show.

The «Wonder of Light» festival was the first major event where augmented reality technology was used in creating “living” pictures. Another novelty was the use of augmented reality technology on a large open-air event.

XXXI international film festival «Message to Man»

Date and venue: October 29 – November 4; main cinemas of St. Petersbburg

The festival was first organized in 1989. Its aim is exchanging contacts and ideas between film-makers from different countries, whose art is manly focused on topics of good will, social justice and peace. The «Message to Man» festival puts forward films where humanistic ideas are expressed in truly cinematographic language. 

This year the festival will be opened by the already legendary Oscar-winning film «Nomadland» directed by Chloé Zhao.

St. Petersburg International Science and Education Fair (SPb ISEF 2021)

Date and venue: November 10-12; «ExpoForum» convention and exhibition centre

St. Petersburg International Science and Education Fair is the exhibition and communication venue for Russian and international business-community and social institutions. The aim of the event is to raise awareness about the potential and opportunities of the multilevel system of education in St. Petersburg, exchanging experience between representatives of different regions of Russia and opened demonstration of self-development, extension of cross-regional and international cooperation.