Expected events of summer 2021




«Scarlet Sales» Festival

Date and venue: the night of June 25 - 26, the historical center of St. Petersburg 

«Scarlet Sales» festival (June 25) is the major festival for school graduates. The program of the festival includes the lighting of Rostral Columns, a fire-show and the high-point of the festival: the passing of the ship with scarlet sales will along the Neva River. On the Palace Square and the Point of Vasilyevsky Island concerts with famous singers take place. A special invitation-only zone for the graduates will be organized on the Palace Square and Palace Embankment, for the general public there will be a common area at the Point of Vasilyevsky Island and the Univesity Embankement. Price - free. At additional cost is also possible to view the show from the river boat, cruising along the Neva River.


International «White Nights» music festival

Date and venue: June 9, 11, 12, Sibur Arena 

One of the largest contemporary pop-music festivals in Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe, that started in 1992.

The festival regularly brings together the leading representatives of the Russian and World music stage. Through the years of the existence of the festival many world-famous music bands performed here like A-ha, Whitesnake, Scorpions, Deep Purple and many others. Members of european royal families, governors of St. Petersburg's sister cities, the ministers of culture of Russia and France attended it as special guests at different times. 

The festival is widely known in Russia, as well as in other countries, which allows to establish in the minds of younger generations the image of Russia and  St. Petersburg as the centre of music culture.



VK Fest 2021

Date and venue: July 24-25, Park of the 300’th anniversary of St. Petersburg

VK Fest is the festival of modern music bands and singers. Apart from the concert, the festival will include interactive sites, topic-specific zones, virtual reality zone, and a car and bike test-drive zone. During the festival guests will have a chance to meet famous bloggers, speakers, stand-up comedians and youtubers, visit lectures of movie stars, business tycoons, famous journalists and fashion designers, play table games, visit workshops, watch theatrical performances, join quests, take part in various contests and even take part in a speed date. There’s also a special program for children – games, photosets with cartoon characters, workshops and a fun-fair. Price: 1700-2800 ₽.


Day of the Russian Navy 2021

Date and venue: July 25, water area of the Neva river.

Day of the Russian Navy is the professional day of all Russian navy men, introduced 80 years ago by decree of Soviet naval officer Nikolai Kuznetsov.

On this day a parade of russian combat ships and submarines of the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea, Pacific and Caspian Sea Fleets along the Neva River. Military aircrafts and military men will also take part in the parade. After the official part of the parade the ships will moor in the water area of the Neva river and you can watch them closer from the motor ship. At the Palace Square  a military orchestra will perform. The celebration will end in a colourful firework. Price: free.


IX St. Petersburg «All Together Opera» Festival

Date and venue: July 2021, Yelagin Park

«All Together Opera» open air is the major outdoor festival, that will introduce you to the masterpieces of opera art. The festival takes place on the central squares of St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo. The festival unites the best orchestras, choirs and the leading vocalists of music theatres of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Europe. Price: free.


«Lenmosty» Festival

Date and venue: august 13-15, central bridges of our city and Sevcabel Port.

«Lenmosty» festival is the music festival at the central bridges of our city and Sevcabel Port. Pedestrian bridges turn into musical and on their stages many famous artist perform. Embankments turn into audience halls. Musicians perform symphonic music, jazz and other music styles. You may listen both from shore and water. 

At daytime the lecture halls of the festival will be roaming with activities: lectures of music and art historians, various workshops, open discussions, meet-the-artist sessions and film exhibitions.

Price: free.