XXI International «Arts Square» winter festival

Date and venue: December 10-26, 2021, St. Petersburg Philharmonia

This year the festival will be dedicated to the 100’th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia, which opened on June 12, 1921. It traditionally unites cultural institutions, located around the Arts Square, but the main events of the festival ussualy take place on the stage of the Philharmonia.

During the years of the existence of the festival, it has become one of the central events in the cultural life of our city. The aim of the festival is to introduce the general public to the world  of opera art and classical music. During the festival you will see performances of famous Russian musicians, conductors and opera singers. The central part of the festival will be the gala-concert on December 11, in which the renowned St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra will perform. 

«Nutcracker, the New Year Suite» concert

Date and venue: December 17,  2021, St. John's Church (Jaani Kirik)

Pyotr Tchaikovsky has created probably one of the most beautiful music pieces of all time, loved all over the world. The magic behind this wonderful music can be felt during the Christmas and New Year time. 

Discover thee legendary music peace from the whole new, unexpected  unexpected side. You will hear the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Flower Dance, the March Dance, the Arabian Dance in the form of the most beautiful piano, flute, string band and even pipe organ suitas.

«Christmas Pipe Organ» concerts

Date and venue: December 25, 26 and 30, Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (Petrikirche).

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Christmas pipe organ concerts, where you will hear traditional Christmas carols, as well as selected organ pipe pieces from various epoches.

Visiting the «Christmas Organ» concert is the perfect chance to get to know the traditions of European Christmas music. Let the mysterious atmosphere of Petrikirche, located right in the center of St. Petersburg, combined with perfect acoustics and the best musicians give you the genuine feeling of Christmas.

The performance will combine the atmosphere of the old lutheran church with perfect acoustics and modern multimedia technologies.

«The Different Kind of Stage» theater festival

Date and venue: December 25-26; Alexandrinsky Theater (New Stage)

The second annual festival of young theatre directors from St. Petersburg will take place in December in the Alexandtrinsky Theatre. According to the concept of the festival the participants will present performances, created with the help of modern digital technologies and not-theatrical locations.

The festival was initially developed as an instrument for creating on-line theatre performances during the period of restrictions of access to mass cultural events, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However the second season of the festival will become the full-fledged platform for developing new formats of theatrical art.

«White Days of St. Petersburg» winter festival

Date and venue: january 1-16, Palace Square

During the «White Days of St. Petersburg» winter festival the streets of our city will be decorated in the unified style, that combines the elements of imperial St. Petersburg and the elements of European Christmas decorations. Moreover several stylish visual photo zones will be installed around the center of St. Petersburg.

One of the most spectacular parts of the festival will be the construction of the ice-town at the Palace Square. During the festival the organizers will arrange themed routes, that unite historical and modern St. Petersburg.