Saint Petersburg restaurant festival-2016




Restaurant «Tse Fung»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Terrine of pork ear

— Stewed oxtail in Szechuan broth

— Dim Sum with «5 spice» duck

— Kung Pao Chicken

Restaurant «Taste to eat»
Vegeterian set 2000 roubles:

— Fall harvest salad with seasonal vegitables and fried imeretian cheese

— Turkey consomme

— Cold roast beef with tarragon sauce

— Sous-vide cooked сhicken «a'la Kiev» with lemon confit & mashed potatoes

— Traditional russian desert «Savior of the Apple»

Restaurant «Astoria Café»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Marinated salmon with beetroot and orange,

— Mixed salad, tomato and vodka granite

— Grilled fillet of Murmansk flounder,

— Sautéed wild mushrooms and crushed potato with tarragon sauce

— Roasted duck breast, Rhubarb marmalade, caramelized apple  

— Dessert «Pavlova»



Restaurant «Porto Maltese»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Pate of octopus

— Far eastern scallops and wild oysters tartare

— Whitefish carpaccio with cucumber tartare, basil and mint

— King crab Ravioli with pumpkin cream mousse and sea urchin caviar

— Apple pie with pearl barley cream


Restaurant «Buddha-Bar St. Petersburg»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

Buddha-Bar chicken salad with Buddha dressing

— Tataki Strip loin beef tataki with ponzu & crispy garlic

— Wasabi prawns with tobiko

— Ramen noodles with crispy chicken

— Sorbets


Restaurant «Russian Vodka Room №1»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Russian Salad with Quail Fillets

— Rassolnik «Leningradsky»: Soup with Giblets, Salted Cucumber and Pearl Barley

— Traditional Russian Beef Stroganoff with Mashed Potatoes

— Black Currant Soufflé With Blancmange

— Cherry Flavored Vodka 

— Cranberry Mors

— Tea or Coffee

Restaurant «Casa del MEAT»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Tartar "A la Russe" with pickles, radish and sunflower oil

— Tartar steak with tomatoes, rucola and pine seeds can be cooked very rare only

— Tartar of red berries served with lemon sorbet

— Bread with butter and cream cheese

— Still water

— Coffee or tea



Restaurant «Arka»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

 — Marinated duck and apple salad with orange
and maple sauce

 — Zucchini fritters with sun-dried tomatoes

— Cream-cappuccino soup of porcini mushrooms
with Borodino rye bread

— Beef burger with baked potatoes and mushrooms

Restaurant «Erivan»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Tabule (Traditional vegetable salad in West Armenian style with bulgur additions)

— Lamadzho (Traditional Armenian thin bread with fried minced meat, flavored herbs, onion and garlic)

— Kebabs from Sevan crayfish tails (served with mashed potatoes)

— Bread from oven

— Gata «Artsakh» (traditional Armenian pastry)

— Cranberry drink

— Tea made of mountain herbs

Restaurant «Borsalino»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Rucola ravioli,

— Grilled beef fillet, rucola-radicchio puree flavored with Rucolino,

— Mascarpone mousse,

— Liqueur Rucolino.


Restaurant «Stroganoff Steak House»
Festival set 2000 roubles:


  • Russian salad (Salted (pickled) cucumbers, chicken, veal broth, egg, mayonnaise)


  • Beef Stroganoff, 12 oz


  • Mashed potato with onion rings


  • Russian authentic porridge «Guriev» style


  • Likuria Cabernet Sauvignon, 150 ml (Lefkadia Winery, Krasnodar Region, Russia)


  • Baikalika, Baikal Lake, 200 ml


Restaurant Korushka

Festival set 2000 roubles:

 Tea, 500ml

— Smelt Pate with pike caviar and cucumber tartare

 Veal Kharcho

— Catfish with basil sauce and jerking tomatoes

Restaurant «Tsentralny»
Festival set 1500 roubles:

—  Leningrad-style Appetizers

  • Sandwich with Smoked Sprat
  • Sandwich with salted Sprat
  • Sandwich with Processed Cheese «Druzhba»
  • Egg stuffed with Liver of the Codfish
  • Egg stuffed with Minced Pacific Herring
  • Vodka «Stolichnaya»

— Hot-appetizer

  • Leningrad-style Kolbasa with stewed cabbage

— Main Course

  • «Nevskaya» Pikeperch  cutlet with side dish

— Drinks

  •   Compote  (70's inspired russian drink with stewed fruits)


Restaurant «Broceliande»
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Greek salad Grand

— Breton fish soup

— Hot dish to choose from:

  • Smoked cod with vegetables and hummus
  • Veal shank with potato gratin Jarret de veau

— Bread basket Broceliande with butter

— Dessert from the chef

— Drink of choice:

  • white/red wine (geographical origin France)/Morse


Restaurant Vino&Voda
Festival set 2000 roubles:

— Light salad with duck, soaked cranberries and figs dressed with red currant sauce;

— Celery soup with scallops and lemon butter;

— Karelian trout fillet with beetroot puree, buckwheat popcorn and plums in port wine;

— Apple and quince cake with cinnamon and lemon sorbet;

— Buckthorn drink.