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The culmination of the wedding celebration is the marriage registration ceremony. It is this solemn "yes," the exchange of wedding rings and the kiss of a couple in love who have just held together  by marriage, that causes that very pleasant excitement.

St. Petersburg provides newlyweds a unique opportunity to held together  their marriage union not only in one of the registry offices located in each district of the city, but also to give such an important event a special chic - to officially register the marriage in a Wedding Palace.


Wedding Palace №1
Address: 28, Angliyskaya embankment
The most beautiful and popular in the city.
The chic interiors of halls and the stunning front stairs
can become a sterling place for a wedding photo shoot.

Wedding Palace №2
Address: 52, Furshtatskaya street
The second most popular in the Northern capital.
It invites guests to hold the marriage registration ceremony
in a huge, bright room with magnificent antique interiors.

Wedding Palace №3 in the city of Pushkin, Tsarskoye Selo
Address: 22, Sadovaya street, Pushkin
The palace is located in close proximity to the magnificent Tsarskoye Selo palace and park ensemble,
more attractive for couples who are going to solemnly celebrate the birth of their family.

Department-Palace of the Registry Office in Peterhof
Address: 5, Torgovaya square, Peterhof
The new department-palace in the city of Peterhof in the reconstructed mansion
of the City Hall is suitable for those who want to register a marriage
surrounded by the famous parks and palaces of Peterhof.

Birth registration palace «Malyutka» (Baby)
Address: 58, Furshtatskaya street
Solemn registration of newborns in a beautiful palace, richly decorated inside and outside.
Parents can get married on the same day in a relaxed atmosphere, if circumstances interfered earlier.


Registry office of Admiralteysky district


Address: 6, 1st Krasnoarmeyskaya (metro station Technologichesky Institute)

Registry office of Vasileostrovsky district
Address: 4, Kapitanskaya street (metro station Primorskaya)

Registry office of Vyborgsky district
Address: 8, Institutsky prospect (metro station Ploshchad Muzhestva)

Registry office of Kalininsky district
Address: 4a, Vernosti street (metro station Akademicheskaya)

Registry office of Kirovsky district
Address: 45, Stachek prospect (metro station Kirovsky Zavod)

Registry office of Kolpinsky district
Address: 1/13, Tverskaya street, Kolpino

Registry office of Krasnogvardeisky district
Address: 11, Bolsheokhtinsky prospect (metro station Novocherkasskaya)

Registry office of Kronstadtsky district
Address: 32, Lenin prospect, Kronstadt

Registry office of Krasnoselsky district
Address: 36, Doblesty street (metro Leninsky Prospekt)

Registry office of Kurortny district
Address: 1, Svobody square, Sestroretsk

Registry office of Moskovsky district
Address: 192-194, Moskovsky prospect (metro station Park Pobedy)

Registry office of Nevsky district
Address: 2, Narodnaya street (metro station Lomonosovskaya)

Registry office of Petrogradsky district
Address: 17, B. Monetnaya street (metro station Petrogradskaya)

Registry office of Primorsky district
Address: 5, Staroderevenskaya street (metro station Staraya Derevnya)

Registry office of Pushkinsky district
Address: 22, Sadovaya street, Pushkin

Registry office of Frunzensky district
Address: 31, Slavy prospect (metro station Prospect Slavy)

Registry office of Centralniy district
Address: 41, Suvorovsky prospect (metro station Chernyshevskaya)