Saint Petersburg restaurant festival-2016




Restaurant Hamlet + Jacks
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Atlantic salmon tartar, green tea sauce, cucumber, strawberry, mint

— Baltic herring, red cabbage purée, cranberry, cilantro, pickled beet, hazelnut, cottage cheese

— Turkey liver pate, сherry, aioli black garlic

— Beef cheeks, pearl barley with celeriac cream, sorrel, prune sauce

— «Total White» dessert: сoconut panna cotta, lime mousse, lemon sorbet, sesam


PORT seafood cafe
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Pickled lamprey with pistachio aioli

— Yakut cisco with baked tomatoes and pumpkin sauce

— Chocolate and cherry dessert




Restaurant EM
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Baked eggplant with «caviar» of cornelian cherry and cream of palm hearts

— Stewed at low temperature yolk with truffle and yellow pepper juice

— Carp and caramelized watermelon with blue cheese sauce

— Chocolate with poppy-seeds and sunflower


Festival set 990 roubles*:

— Mackerel with green beans and sake sauce

— Malt bread with bone marrow

— Ham, Burrata and potato nyokki


*Unavaible after 7 p.m


Restaurant All day wine
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Sockeye salmon tartar with pickled cucumbers, pine needle butter, and cilantro sour cream + Pinot Nero Gran Cuvee Rose Brut Merotto, Italy (sparkling rose wine, 50 мл)

— Chicken breast with marinated kohlrabi cabbage, raisins and Hollandese sauce + Quinta das Maias Branco, Portugal (white wine, 50 мл)

—  «Coffee and cigarettes» dessert + Williams & Humbert Solera Especial Oloroso 15 y.o., Spain (sherry -  25 мл)

Restaurant Block
Festival set 990 roubles*:

—  Warm salad with beef plate and edamame;

—  Rib steak;

— Ice-cream with meat and smoked ganache

*Unavaible after 7 p.m


Restaurant Social club
Festival set «Middle East set» 990 roubles:

Bruschetta with Laban and grapes

Beetroot Muhamara

Oxtails with bulgur and pumpkin

— Truffle profiteroles


Restaurant Kontora
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Сelery Salad: Baked Celery, Creamy Celery Puré And Celery Bolinho Served With Spinach, Roasted Almonds And Beet Chips 

— Braised Beef: Glazed Beef Served With Potato Pure, Pickled Shallots, Raw Beets And Red Wine Sauce

— Apple Lavender: Baked And Caramelized Apples Served Warm With Vanilla Ice-Cream And Salty Caramel


Restaurant RED. Steak & Wine
Festival set 990 roubles*:

— Duet  of Classical RED tartar and Carne Crudo

— Grilled picahna with slow cooked corn in coconut milk with smoked salt

— Sticky Date Pudding-Tart

* Unavaible after 6 p.m at the weekend

Special wine by glass offer for this set


Restaurant Paninaro
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Italian olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes

— GEORGIAN BEST (Pizza with ricotta cheese, arugula, fresh coriander, tarragon, pomegranate seeds)/BALTIC PROUD (Pizza with baltic sprouts, young potatoes, fresh cucumber, poached egg and tartuffo sauce)/VITELLO TONNATO (Vitello Tonnato pizza)

— Coconut and white chocolate semifreddo with passion fruit sauce

Cafe Rubinstein
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Chicken liver paté in stiff wine with thyme and tuna rillette
(with wheat of grain toasts)

— Burnt pink tomato: ripe pink tomato, burnt in open fire with hummus and tomato-mint foam

— Simmered veal tongue in creamy demi-glace sauce with baked potato or Thick and spicy lentil soup in Indian style with lamb croquettes

— French apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream


Teatro Cafe
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Scallop tartare with kiwi and green apple gelée

— White asparagus with jamón and Hollandaise sauce

— Ostrich with broccoli and curry sauce

— “Three flowers”: dark, milk and white chocolate served on a biscuit

— Blue tea kissel with fresh berries


Restaurant Gräs
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Chicken liver pate with feijoa jam and sea buckthorn balsamic

— Duck breast with caramelized celery root purée and pickled apples

— Creamy semolina mousse with persimmon and kvas merengue


Fjord seafood bistro
Festival set 990 roubles:

Set for two

— Sea urchins

— White fish with brown  rice and abalone sous and chestnuts (two servings)

— Spruce panacota (two servings)


Restaurant Severyanin
Festival set 990 roubles:

Muksun stroganina,

Sea urchin soup,

 Pork ribs with cabbage gratin with goat cheese, baked potatoes,

 Apples in meringue.


Restaurant Brixton
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Pumpkin cream soup

Salad with falafel and yogurt sauce

Turkey with sage and parma ham

Berry mousse


Restaurant «Erarta Cafe» 

Festival set 990 roubles:

— Omul and scallops tartare with beetroot and yogurt mousse, green apple and horseradish ice cream

— “From head to tail” (three parts of Angus bull \ three onion states (stewed tongue, filet mignon, tail confit, onion sauce, onion sponge, onion confit)

Nine textures of raspberry

Dark chocolate with nuts, berries and licorice root


SimpleWine bar
Festival set by Adrian Quetglas 990 roubles:

— Dorado seviche with lemon cream

— Veal cheeks with celery mousse, spinach and pomegranate jelly

— Grand Cru cheesecake with lemon sorbet



GooseGoose Bistro

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Beef tartare with parmesan espuma

—  Black risotto with crab

— Desert No 1



Restaurant Gastronomika

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Veal tartar with onion cream,

—  Risotto philadelphia,

—  Pavlova


Restaurant Vincent
Festival set 990 roubles:

Wild turkey fillet with tuna sauce

— Beef  tartar  with rye bread chips

Beef tongue poached in red wine with red lentil puree

Blueberry cheese cake


Restaurant Crosta PIZZA&PASTA
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Beetroot cream soup

— Paccheri with prosciutto and pistachios

— Torta della Nonna

Restaurant Taika
Festival set 990 roubles

Main set :

— Fried spring rolls with duck and mango/Green papaya salad

— Tom Kha Kai/Tom Yam Kung

— Pad Thai (fried rice noodle with chicken, tofu, tamarind)/Khao Pad (fried rice with prawns, pineapple, vegetables)

— Banana pancakes with banana mousse and chocolate

Vegetarian set :

—  Fresh summer rolls with avocado and tofu

—  Green curry with broccoli and baby corn, served with rice

—  Stir fried mushrooms and spinach in oyster sauce, served with rice

—  Coconut chia pudding with mango and banana


Restaurant «The Repa»
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Goby fish in tomato sauce

— Beef tongue cooked in beer with barley and celery cream 

— Pickled cherries on a Borodinsky rye bread base with sour cream frosting 

Restaurant Mechtateli

Festival set №1, 990 roubles:

— Two tartar set: tuna tartar with tomatoes and mutton tartar with linen chips

— Sweetbread with gorgonzola cream

— Rabbit fillet with spelled risotto

— Plum with muscat cream and nut cramble

Festival set №2, 990 roubles

4 wines:

2015 Merlot - Le Marmorelle - Lazio, Italy

2015 Shiraz Petit Verdot Barramundi, Australia 

2015 Lacrima di Morro d'Alba Marzaiola, Marche Italy 

2015 Garnacha de Fuego, Spain 

With wines:

Bruschetta with beef, dry tomatoes and Parmesan 

Bruschetta with oily fish and cucumber 

Chicken pate with cherry jelle  


Restaurant Sсhengen
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Bruschetta with tomatoes and cauliflower 

— Chicken liver pate with orange jelly and crispy bread

— Fillet of beef with carrot cream, spring onion and beef jus

— Glass of wine


Restaurant Pizza 22 cm
Festival set 990 roubles:

Set for two

— Choice of Croquettes (Salami, Mozzarella/Gorgonzola)

Choice of 2 Pizza Napoletana (Ortolana/Oyster mushroom/Pepperoni/Pear-Gorgonzola-Sudjuk (Russian salami speciality)

— Angioletti with salted caramel


Streetfood bar Pedro & Gomez
Festival set 990 roubles:

Bolinhos. Fried balls from cod and potato

Duck Roll Fresh vegetables with sauted duck in rice paper

— Josper Mussles in Thai style sauce with french fries and aioli 

Baked banana with vanilla ice-cream and salty caramel

Restaurant Belka
Festival set 990 roubles:















Restaurant Taste to eat

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Bruschetta with sundried tomatoes and onion cottage cheese

—  Tbilisi Cheesecake

—  Chicken Kiev «Sous Vide» with mached smoked potatoes and crispy onion

—  Deser apple harvest


Mindal Café
Festival set 990 roubles (Caucasian set)*:

— Pkhaleuli (spinach, carrots, green beans, beet, eggplant)

— Lobio (stewed red beans with herbs), Mchadi (corn flat cake), Cabbage in a gurian way, Khachapuri by the chef;

— Chiken satscivi (chiken with nut sauce), Hominy (corn porridge with suluguni and smoked suluguni), Salad with tomatoes and dzhondzholy;

— Khinkali (beef+pork), Kvari with suluguni, Kyurza (dumpling), Chuchvara fried (lamb pelmeni); 

— Adzhabsandal (grilled vegetables); Kuchmachi (beef giblets with a thyme and pomagranate); Kharcho on mengrelian (beef with tomatoes and walnut), Chashushuli (veal in white wine with herbs)

— Georgian wheat cake

— Baklava

* Festival set is available at the Mindal Cafe by this adderess: Saint Petersburg, Angliyskaya nab., 26

Restaurant Charlie

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Bruschetta with jamon, curd mousse and figs

—  Salted rsalmon with Parmentier of leek and pomegranate

—  Duck breast with caramelized pear sous-vide and mousse of celery root

—  Pumpkin pie with pumpkin ice-cream and raspberry sauce


Restaurant Palkin

Festival set 990 roubles:

Set «A La Russe»

—  HERRING UNDER THE “FUR COAT”  foam of potato andherring, carrot sauce with beetroot chips topped;

—  SHCHI .old Russian style sauerkraut soup with bacon, long baked in the oven served with traditional Polugar Vodka

—  «RUM BABA» as a desert


Restaurant FermA 

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Home-made morse

—  Borsch

—  Sterlet with potatoes in broth

—  Bread from our pastry

—  Cream puffs


Geography Restaurant & Bar

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Smoked mushroom salad with potatoes cucumbers and sour cream

—  Caramelized chicken served with perlotto in a green herb sauce

—  «Pavlova» dessert with fresh berries

Restaurant F.M.Dostoevskij

Festival set «Vasiliy Kandinskiy» 990 roubles:

— Replica of «Circle within a circle» (potatoes, carrots, salted cucumber, chicken , fresh pea, red caviar)

— Replica of «Little game» (beetroot , cabbage, potatoes, fillet of veal , sour cream)

—  Replica of «Untitled 1927» (curd cheese, cream, quince, nuts, caramel)

Festival set «2Х2 Malevich» 990 roubles:

—  Replica of «Suprematism» (kamchatka halibut, carrots, parsnips, paprika, cream, blueberries, beetroot)

—  Replica of «Red cavalry» (biscuit, cranberry, cream, ganache, raspberry, cocoa, pistachios, chocolate)

Festival set «Nutritious» 990 roubles:

—  Cabbage schee «a la pushkin» with porcini mushroom and siberian veal-Ffilled dumplings

—  Champignons and porcini mushrooms baked in smetana

—  Blancmange

Festival set «Vigorous» 990 roubles:

—  Veal en gelee naturelle with horse-radish coulee

—  Borsch a la russe with smetana

—  Pot-au-feu of veal cheek with celery


Restaurant Skver

Festival set 990 roubles:

 Thai soup with duck

— Grilled octopus with bacon and baked potatoes

— Glass of wine



Restaurant Library of tastes

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Salad with bulgur and baked vegetables, avocado and feta cheese mousse

—  Duck breast with grechotto, pear and porto sauce

—  Chocolate honey cake with raspberries




Restaurant Mary Vanna 

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  «Olivier» salad with sausage

—  Borsch with garlic

—  Home-style pelmeni

—  «Napoleon» cake

—  Homemade cranberry fruit-drink


Restaurant Telyachy Neznosty ("Soppy Sentimentality")
Festival set 990 roubles:


— Eggplant salad with tahini baked with tomatoes and salty cheese and pecans pasta

— Veal tails Meat with baked potato and truffle cream

— Dessert Seven shades of chocolate


Restaurant Chaika

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Vegetable salad with mango and cheese

—  Original roll

—  Bread from our pastry

—  Tea/Coffee

—  Cheese dessert with coriander


Restaurant New FermA
Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Cream-soup with baked garlic nutmeg

—  Traditional Russian salad

—  Pelmeni with beef and pork

—  Tea set (assorted mini-desserts with tea)


Gastropub Metropole

Festival set 990 roubles:

— Cheese steaks with salsa sauce

— Quesadilla with meat sauce, cheese and chile

— Potato wafers

— Smelts fried with cucumber salad

— Shrimp chips with garlic cream

— Beer or beer testing set


Restaurant Metropole
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Amuse bouche compliments of the chef

— Pumpkin creamy soup with truffle flavor

— «Faberge» cutlets with mushroom perlotto and «Tartufa» sauce

— Degustation set of Metropole beer or glass of proseco.


Restaurant Cucumber

Festival Set menu 990 roubles:

—  Kuban rabbit pate with fried apples and caramelized grissini

—  Tuna steak with smoked tomato sauce and fried Romaine lettuce

—  Cucumber sorbet



Restaurant Pryanosty&Radosty on Belinskogo

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Georgian style vegetable salad with spices (salad made of ripe tomatoes and cucumbers with fragrant greens, red onions and hot pod-pepper)

—  Lentil cream Soup (lentil cream soup based on chicken broth, served with tender Feta cheese and wheat croutons)

—  Kurze with meat

—  Morse raspberry



Restaurant Abrikosov

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Amuse bouche

—  Borsch with meat ravioli, sun-dried tomatoes and cream

—  Beef Stroganoff with mushrooms and mashed potatoes

—  Abrikosov tea with traditional Russian  «piroshki»            

 Complement of the chef




Restaurant Klevo

Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Tar-Tar marinated cod with «Lemongrass» sauce

—  Leek cream soup with salmon

—  Fillet of flounder fried in poppy and served with parsley puree

—  Eclairs with custard




Restaurant Broceliande
Festival set 990 roubles:

—  Cream-soup by the cheaf

—  Galette Bretonne NOUVEAU (crisp bread) to choose from: Galette with cold baked pork / Galette with Atlantic cod / Vegetable galette;       

—  Bread basket «Broceliande» with butter

—  Dessert to choose from: ice cream/croissant

—  Drink of choice 0.25 liters: Apple cider/El abbatial/Morse



Restaurant Beef Bar Vosem
Festival set 990 roubles:


— Salad with sprat 

— Beefsteak «Metropol» with quail egg 

— Cake «Leningrad» 

— Drinks: tea in the teapot / beer «El Grande Leningrad»



Restaurant Nihao
Festival set 990 roubles:

— Salad «Laohu»

— Pork «Gabadzhou» battered sweet and sour sauce

— Eggplant «Hunshao»

Restaurant Gorodskaya dacha
Festival set 990 roubles:

Set 1 : "Summer Resident Lady"

— Octopus and squid salad with potato mash in sprat dressing

—  Spinach purée with cheese

—  Desert: baked pumpkin with mascarpone cream

—  Glass of white vine of your choice

Set 2 : "Summer Resident Gentleman"

—  Mix salad with dainty meet and mustard dressing

—  Turkey roll with sweet courgette

—  Glass of red wine of your choice