The Scarlet Sails show is one of the most spectacular events in the world. It is no coincidence that the holiday of St. Petersburg graduates regularly receives the highest marks from experts. Scarlet Sails won the prestigious international Global Eventex Awards, winning four gold and one silver, the winner of the EuBea International Festival of Event Marketing in the Best Urban Event in Europe nomination, and a statuette of the TEFI television competition. The show was recognized as the best holiday by the decision of one of the most authoritative international competitions in the event industry - Best Event Awards World.


List of awards:




For the first time, The Scarlet Sails won the Best Event Awards World for Best Public Event in 2016.




The 2018 graduation celebration also became a laureate of the National Award in the field of event marketing and special events "Event of the Year", winning in the nominations "Best PR Campaign of an Event" and "Best Directing and Staging of an Event." "Scarlet Sails-2019" became the best "City Festival of the Year".




The 2018 St. Petersburg graduation holiday was recognized as the "Best musical event". A year later, «Scarlet Sails» received a silver medal in the Best Cultural Event nomination according to the annual professional award of the event marketing and integrated communications industry BEMA.






In 2018, in the "Most OK" award, the "Scarlet Sails" holiday took second place in the "Online Concert of the Year" nomination.



In 2019, the holiday won the main award of the Best Event Awards World in the category "Most Significant Event of the Year" and two silver awards as "Best Music Event of 2019".



The graduation holiday "Scarlet Sails" became the winner of the project "Brand     Rating of St. Petersburg" in 2019.



"Scarlet Sails - 2020" became the gold laureate of the Global Eventex Awards in the nominations "Festive Event", "Cultural Event", "Music Event" and "Art Event". The holiday won silver for the live broadcast, which was conducted by Channel “5”.