Program ''Scarlet Sails – 2021''


10:00 p.m

The beginning of the concert with the participation of stars

Holiday hosts - Ivan Urgant and Dasha Alexandrova

Popular performers will perform on the main stage: JONY, Vanya Dmitrienko, Alina Astrovskaya, and Anton Lavrentiev, CreamSoda, Niletto, and Irina Dubtsova

The headliner of the evening - Svetlana Loboda

Stage Director - Vasily Barkhatov

12:40 a.m

The start of the water and pyrotechnic show

Director - Mikhail Kolpakhchiev


More about the show


In 2021, the concept of the alumni holiday "Scarlet Sails" is based on events significant for the history of the country: the 30th anniversary of the Russian flag, the 800th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Nevsky and the 60th anniversary of the first human space flight into.

This year is an unusual scene, its rounded outlines represent the planet. The screen on which the events will unfold is tilted at an angle of 45 degrees. Large-scale decorations are in constant motion: they move apart, move out one after another, change their position. Another challenging technical innovation this year is the huge drawbridge.

Eight venues are involved in the theatrical performance. On the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, the scenery of the flight control center for the story about the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the pontoon for the key scene "The Battle on the Ice" were installed. According to the plot, the commander Alexander Nevsky and his army will triumph over the enemy.

The commandant's wharf and Troitsky bridge will turn into a scientific laboratory, where Mikhail Lomonosov will make his great discoveries. The roof of the Hermitage will become the stage for the performance with Alexander Pushkin. And on the Flag Tower, the moment of the birth of the Russian tricolor will be recreated. In honor of the 30th anniversary of this date, for the first time on the brig "Russia", white and blue colors will be added to the scarlet sails.

Last year, more than 16.5 million people watched "Scarlet Sails" on TV screens and on the Internet. The holiday received many awards, including international ones.

Only graduates of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region and their accompanying teachers will be able to attend the event.