Where to Go Ice-Skating

Address: 2/3 Admiralty Canal Embankment

On the territory of the New Holland Island a large skating rink was opened. It occupies the territory of 2000 m² and can accept around 300 visitors at a time. The warm pavilion near the ice rink  has got everything necessary for comfortable skating: storage, a cloakroom, skating equipment rental office, skate blades grinding spot and an exclusive coffee shop. The ice rink works every day and will continue functioning until the middle of March.

The ice rink is suitable both for experienced skaters and newcomers. Experienced coaches are always present on the ice rink will teach you the basics of ice skating and can help choose the right equipment.


Address: 40, Kozhevennaya line of Vasilyevsky Island

The panoramic skating rink at the «Sevkapel Port» has got an overall space of  2,2 тысячи m² and can accept 280 people at a time. In the building named «Volt», that is located near the skating rink, you will find a cloak room, storage and rest rooms. There’s also a skating equipment rental office and a first aid post in that building.

For those, who only start getting acquainted with skating there are special sleighs in the shape of seals and polar bears. near the ice rink you will also find food trucks where you can buy hot food and drinks.



Address: 54, Sadovaya street

The cozy Yusupov Garden is located not far from the crossing of «Sadovaya», «Sennaya Ploshchad» and «Spasskaya» metro stations. In winter times the pond, located in the center of the garden freezes and turns into a skating rink, more than 40000 m² in area.

By the way: this skating rink is considered the oldest one in St. Peterburg. It is believed that this is the place where russian figure skating was born. At the end of the XIX century the «St. Petersburg ice skating enthusiasts society» was organized here, and later the first international ice skating competitions took place.


Address: Manezhnaya square

Manezhnaya square is probably one  of the favourite places for the citizens  of St. Petersburg, especially during the New Year/Christmas holidays, for this is the place where traditional St. Petersburg Christmas market takes is held. The ice  rink that will function from December until January will become a bright addition to the New Year celebrations.

The ice rink is relatively modest in size, but it is always very popular  among the citizens of St. Petersburg. There's also a skating equipment rental office near the ice rink.


Address: Yelagin Island

Every year with the coming of the cold season to St. Petersburg the skating rink at Yelagin island is opened. It is located not far from the «Nota» cafe by the side of the Primorsky Prospect.

The area of the ice rink is around 900 м². New Year decorations with string lights, lanterns and a beautiful christmas tree, together with festive music make this place perfect for winter activities enthusiasts.