Roof Excursions

PanoramicRoof is the first company in Russia that made walks and excursions on the roof official, safe and accessible to all.

We have guaranteed support from the government of St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and supervisory bodies. The best city guides, experienced climbers and instructors are ready to make your stay on the roof interesting and safe.

For your convenience, we equipped the passage along the roof and calculated the load - to ensure our reliability. Rising to the roof is an opportunity to look at St. Petersburg from a bird's eye view. Excursions on our roof are full of interesting details about the history of the city.

We offer you a look at Petersburg from an unbelievable height!

Additionally, there is a photographer's service to capture the most unforgettable moments of your stay in St. Petersburg.

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Central Squares Ensemble

The route will lead you though the most beautiful squares of the central part of St. Petersburg

Three central squares of St. Petersburg – Palace Square, Senate Square and St.Isaak's Square – with the Winter Palace, the General staff building, the Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral  located on them and other buildings form a uniform spatial organism on the bank of Neva. 

The ensemble of central squares was created and got the modern look in a result of successive creative activity of several generations of Russian architects. The most responsible task in formation of ensemble of three squares fell to the lot of A. D. Zakharov who created one of the greatest architectural works of the world - the building of the Admiralty serving as a connecting link between Palace Square and Decembrists Square.

The Winter Palace, the Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Senate and the Synod are turned by their northern facades towards Neva. Its broad water spaces are inseparably linked with prospects of the grandiose squares and powerful massifs of the buildings located on them. Exactly here greatness and a unique originality of architectural panoramas of the city reveals to those who are in love with St. Petersburg with a special force and clarity.

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The Little Germany

The history of German Petersburg starts literally from the foundation the city on the Neva River. Peter the Great wanted to make from Saint Petersburg "Northern Paradise" and therefore invited many talented Germans.

They were architects, sculptors, artists and scientists, workers, pharmacists, bakers, brewers and shoemakers. They all founded a German settlement, which later became the largest one among all other foreign societies in Saint Petersburg. Russian government supported and helped this "Little Germany" - German citizens could follow their religion, keep their national customs and traditions, organize schools and even print papers in their language.

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The History of Imperial Russia

A route around main museums of St.Petersburg: Peter and Paul Fortress, St.Isaac;s Cathedral, Savior on the Spilled Blood, State Russian Museum and cruiser Aurora

No matter, if you came to St.Petersburg  for the first time or if you have been to the Northern capital of Russia before, the mysterious St. Petersburg is always new, amazing and unique.

In 1703 Peter and Paul Fortress was situated among the forests and marshes of Zayachi island by the will of tsar Peter the Great.

St. Isaac's Cathedral was intended to become the main Orthodox church of the Russian Empire. Today, in the 21st century, it is a functioning temple and museum.

The Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood is a truly unique monument, which was created to commemorate Alexander II the Liberator, who was mortally wounded during the assassination attempt at this very place. Nowadays Savior on Spilled Blood is worldwide famous for its intricate mosaics.

The largest world collection of Russian art can be found in the Russian Museum, which was created under the decree of emperor Nicholas II in the memory of his father Alexander III.

1917 was a tragic year in the history of tsarist Russia. The idle volley shut from the gun of the cruiser Aurora was a signal for the beginning of the socialist revolution. Imperial Russia became the USSR, and St. Petersburg acquired the unofficial name "The Сity of Three Revolutions."

However, neither time, nor revolution, or war could defeat St. Petersburg, which is incredibly beautiful up to these days. You can appreciate its beauty during this walk that will guide you through the history of St.Petersburg.

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Theatre District

The excursion route will provide an opportunity for townsmen and guests of the Northern Capital to go on an exciting journey through the theater district. Its length is only 800 meters and it lasts for one hour. This trip promises to give a complete picture of the theatrical life of the Northern Capital.

“Theater quarter” is a new direction of cultural and educational tourism, which will be very popular not only among the guests, but also among the residents of our city. The route is filled with memorable places associated with famous historical events and personalities. It is important that any guest and resident of the northern capital can enjoy the objects of the route from different points of view: creative, educational and historical. Synthesis of culture and tourism is another example of familiarity with the history of the city.

Along the route you can see Alexandrinsky Theater, Museum of Theater and Musical Art, Theater Library, Vaganova Ballet Academy. All objects fit perfectly into the context of old St. Petersburg and are within walking distance from each other. In fact, this is one quarter bounded by Ostrovsky Square, Rossi Street (Zodchego Rossi street / Architect Rossi street / Rossi street), Lomonosov Square and the Fontanka River.

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St. Petersburg History Centre by Bike

The 15 km route is optimal for a bicycle. Bicycle tour of the city allows you to see the main attractions. It takes less time than walking, but at the same time gives an opportunity to enjoy the views of the city

The route leads to the city's visiting cards, passes through parks, embankments, bridges. In the Exchange you can get on a bicycle, go down to the Rostral columns and stop near the water on Spit of Vasilievsky Island to admire the Peter and Paul Fortress. Then visit the fortress, which stopped on the Zayachy island. Further the path passes through Salt Town to the field of Mars with the Eternal Flame, to the main square of the city – Palace Square, to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, built on the place of the murder of Emperor Alexander II, then along the cozy central streets past the museums and palaces that you can visit in Aftermath.

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