Active Summer in St. Petersburg


Take a run with the parkrun project

Excellent solution for those who wish to bring some change into their jogging routine and find the company of like-minded sportsmen. Parkrun is the jogging movement, whose members gather each Saturday to take a 5 kilometer run around the most picturesque parks of our city. This movement is popular in 19 countries around the World and Russia is one of them. In the Northern Capital of Russia members of the project usually gather in the Yelagin Island, in Kudrovo, Kolpino and other beautiful parks. If you are going to take a run for the first time, you will have to sign in on the official web-site of the project and print out your personal index card. This way you will be able to monitor your progress, for in spite of the fact that the participants run simultaneously, you compete with yourself, not with the others.

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Pole Walk with the «Let’s Go Have a Walk!» club

Pole walking is the best way to keep good physical shape for people  of all ages, that is popular all over the world. 

The pole-walking sessions are either totally free or their price is really moderate. The first intro-session is usually a bit more expensive. The pole-walking sessions take place every day. On weekends the members of the club usually go to the suburbs of our city and on weekdays to the parks. In summer sessions sessions outside the city are often organized. Ski-poles can be rented or bought in the club shop. It is recommended to bring only the most necessary belongings with you not to make the walking too hard. Check the exact timetable on the official web-site of the club.


Play streetball on the New Holland island

In summer street ball court works on the territory of the New Holland island. It is designed and suitable for the games between the teams of three. The court is ot just a place for playing street ball - it is an interesting piece of art, Thel covering of the court consists of various geometrical shapes and colours was designed by Andrey Luka — one of the most famous  and talented street-artists in Russia. The street ball court meets all the requirements of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).


More information on the official web-site:


Keep fit with the «Healthy Backyard» project

The Northern Capital of Russia has got its own workout team – X-T.R.A, consisting of Nikolay «Niko» Kozyakov, Kirill Vostrikov, Stanislav «Capone» Sidorov and Alexander «AXL» Yakovlev. They are the pioneers of the St. Petersburg workout movement «Healthy Backyard» with many years of experience and representatives of the St. Petersburg Workout Federation. They organize regular workout sessions on various sites in our city. Today workout as an athletic and sport movement, aimed at strengthening and maintaining physical health and good shape with the help of exercises with weight of your own body, continues to gain popularity. The number of participants is constantly growing. In our city there are around 7 specialized workout sites.

Расположены они по следующим адресам:

  • 108, Leninsky prospekt (in the yard);
  • 40/2, Malaya Balkanskaya street;
  • 43/2, Dunaisky prospekt;
  • 8/1, Kupchinskaya street;
  • 72/2, Bucharestskaya street;
  • 2/1, Bely Kuna street;
  • 8/1, Yachtennaya street.

The sights are suitable for all kinds of workouts. Here you may do all kinds of aerobic exercises, light strength training, stretching, jumping and so on. Just start  training, no matter what goal you aim at – lose weight or strengthen your muscles - the team of experienced coaches will surely help you to achieve all your goals.

Official public page of the «Healthy yard» workout community:


Take a bike ride or skate at night with the «Pin-Mix» project

It is not a secret that roller-skating and riding a bike around the beautiful St. Petersburg can give an unequalled feeling of freedom. This is the best way to relax after a hard working week! Night riding sessions take place every friday. The gathering point for bike riders and roller skaters is the Palace Square after 23:00 pm. The column starts after midnight. Pit-stops to take your breath and wait for the lagging behind are included in the route. The finishing point is on  the Palace square too, around 06:00 am. Everyone, who feels confident enough on roller skates and bikes can take part. The column moves in an organized way, attended by a team of leading, terminating and side «marshals», who know the route and pit-stop points. The team of navigators can be recognized by green waistcoats or badges. More information on the official public page of the project:

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