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City beliefs about happiness



Since ancient times people honor traditions. Those related to the creation of the family are particularly carefully respected. City’s traditions are very interesting and diverse. They are rooted into the deep past. Each rite carries a certain meaning. Every detail of a celebratory day matters. There are many wedding traditions in such city with rich history as St. Petersburg. Following them the newlyweds will surely gain happiness.





If you kiss on your wedding day, driving across «Kissing Bridge», your family life will be long and happy.


If you throw a coin and get into Chizhik-Pyzhik, then the wish will definitely come true.


If you ask for advice to Saints Peter and Fevronia, they will help maintain mutual understanding and harmony in the family for many years.


If the newlyweds hold on for the ring in the teeth of the lion near the Rostral columns, then their marriage will be strong and happy.


If you walk on the wedding day through three bridges near the church Savior on the Spilled Blood, then the newlyweds will be happy all their live.


If you hold the thumbs of the Atlanteans of the Hermitage on your wedding day, the marriage will be happy, and the children will be beautiful.