Every day we answer a lot of different questions about visiting St. Petersburg after the partial lifting of restrictive measures taken earlier in connection with the spread of COVID-19. We are ready to share answers to the most common ones.

Citizens are obliged to use personal protective equipment (masks) in public places. They are mandatory when visiting trade and consumer services facilities, train stations, airports, public transport stations, as well as in all types of public transport, including taxis, at public transport stops.

Temporarily suspended:
  • The activities of catering establishments (including catering establishments at hotels and other accommodation facilities) from 23.00 to 06.00, with the exception of takeaway service, delivery to hotel rooms, to the house and the activities of production canteens, as well as catering establishments providing catering services on the territory of train stations, airports, gas stations.
  • Conducting entertainment and entertainment events in public catering facilities.
  • The work of children's rooms in restaurants and cafes.
From December 27, 2021, to visit cafes and restaurants, you need:
  • or a certificate of full vaccination;
  • or a certificate of a previous illness;
  • or a medical withdrawal from vaccination and a negative PCR test.

In respect of persons who do not have citizenship of the Russian Federation, their receipt of the first and (or) second components of the vaccine or single-component vaccine is confirmed by a document issued by an authorized medical organization.

The holding of mass events is limited

The occupancy of circuses from cinema halls and circuses is limited to 50% and 75%, respectively.

The admission of visitors to swimming pools, fitness centers, and other organizations providing services in the field of physical culture and sports is limited.

Restrictions on the operation of entertainment and leisure facilities located in shopping malls, water parks and attractions.

The solemn registration of marriage is allowed if there are no more than 40 people in the premises, in addition to the registry Office staff.

Is it possible to book a hotel in St. Petersburg?

From December 27, only citizens who have completed vaccination, who have suffered a disease or who have a negative PCR test will be able to check into hotels. The validity period of the test is 48 hours.

At the same time, citizens who have settled on the basis of a negative PCR test will need to submit a new negative PCR test every 48 hours after settling in.

I have a fever, where should I go?

In St. Petersburg, there are a number of hotlines aimed at informing citizens about coronavirus infection. You can get advice by calling Rospotrebnadzor - 8-800-100-00-04 or 8-800-555- 49-43, as well as by calling the Rospotrebnadzor coronavirus hotline in St. Petersburg - 575-81-03, 712-29-81.

You can also seek help, get all the necessary information about the infection and call a doctor by a single number - 112.

In addition, if you need volunteer help, you can contact us by phone — 8-800-200-34-11. A complete list of all current reference phones is listed on the official website of the Administration of St. Petersburg.


Federal hotline of the operational headquarters: 8 800 200-01-12


Website of Rospotrebnadzor of St. Petersburg

Unified Consulting Center of Rospotrebnadzor: 8 800 555-49-43


Rospotrebnadzor Coronavirus Hotline in St. Petersburg:

+7 812 575-81-03

+7 812 712-29-81