Lovely wedding in any season

Many couples traditionally prefer to celebrate marriage in summer. However, any season has its pros and cons. 

The spring one is the most romantic time of the year. In spring a nature blossoms. Not only flowers and trees, but also rivers, canals and even embankments come alive from their winter sleep. City appears to you filled with sunlight, birdsong, the scent of young greens and fresh warm breeze. At this time of year St. Petersburg is changing every day. Everything breathes romance, celebration and feeling of approaching summer.

In summer comes the famous time of White Nights. An atmosphere of love and romance is felt in every turn of the street, in the shadows of square, in the gleam of sun or even in the waves of numerous rivers and canals. The wedding feast can be arranged in light tents, on open verandas of cafes and restaurants or even on the deck of the ship. Summer evenings are wonderfully warm. They are tended to gently pass into the dusk of the night, allowing the festivities to stretch far beyond midnight. The bride is charming in a light wedding dress and the cold champagne is wonderfully combined with the surrounding atmosphere of love.

Autumn is traditionally stands as number one on the list of wedding seasons. This is the most favorite time for fun. The days are still warm, but not frying. St. Petersburg at this time is buried in flowers and lush greenery. During the golden period autumn fascinates with its shades like yellow, green, orange and red. St. Petersburg offers you a big variety of colors to decorate your photo session. Well, if the wedding day was sunny, but suddenly cried a rain, you should not get upset.  It is considered as old omen which means that the newly appointed family will live in happiness and wealth. 

You decide to hold the wedding in winter? This is a great choice! City and countryside landscapes, snow sleigh, which pulled by white horses, a blush on the cheeks of the bride and groom, winter tea party with samovar and much more are awaits for the celebrations guests! Beautiful hotels and country residences are ideal for winter weddings. In a word, they have everything to celebrate marriage at the highest level.  In addition, during the winter period, which is considered as so called low season, their rates are very loyal to the clients.

No matter in what time of year you choose to celebrate wedding, at the preparation you need to keep in mind that the St. Petersburg weather is not just changeable and capricious, but really unpredictable in any season. But all this is inconsequential, when it comes to the sincere desire of a couple to connect in a legal marriage and make your holiday truly magical.