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Armenian Church Wedding Ceremony


It is noteworthy that a church wedding is not just a wedding ceremony in a church, but the Sacrament in which God gives an Anchor to future spouses, with their promise to remain faithful to each other, the grace of pure unanimity for a joint Christian life, the birth and upbringing of children. By this Sacrament, two, a man and a woman, receive divine blessing, mysteriously unite with each other, become one flesh and, embarking on the path of eternal living together, following the example of Christ and his Church, devote themselves to efforts for the prosperity of the Kingdom of God. On this path, the couple must not only observe external decency, but also internal piety.


Requirements for the church wedding ceremony


The basis of mutual love is unity of faith, since the spiritual growth of people is achieved by faith.

For a wedding in the Armenian Church, it is necessary that a man and a woman wishing to marry be baptized and anointed. Church prohibits marriage between a Christian and an adherent of a different faith, unless she (he) will accept Christianity.

In the Armenian Church, a wedding is possible between a child of the Armenian Apostolic Church and a representative of other Christian denominations that have preserved apostolic succession (Orthodoxy, Catholicism), subject to certain conditions.

Maturity and adulthood are also required both for the physical and spiritual health of the new generation and the consolidation of the idea of ​​love and morality. Kinship is also important. In the XIII century The Armenian Church has established that those entering into marriage must be seven degree of relationship apart from each other (the son is one step apart from the father, one degree, the grandson two, i.e. the number of births between two persons is calculated in steps or degrees; two brothers or sisters are separated from each other by two degrees, husband and wife are not separated by degrees, because they are one flesh).

The Wedding Sacrament is concluded only in a Church.

For a wedding in the Armenian Church in St. Petersburg, it is necessary to provide a marriage certificate and a baptismal certificate of the married couple.

The future spouses should discuss the day and time of the wedding with a priest in advance, personally, having come to the church.

A week before the Sacrament, the spouses must fast, confess and receive Сommunion.

The Sacrament of the Wedding is concluded in the presence of a witness (Armenian "քավոր" baptized in the Armenian Apostolic Church).


What should be brought to the Church?


- Two rings, which are a sign of the sanctity of a union.

- Two candles, signifying spiritual joy and grace sent from above.

- A bottle of wine. Those who are married drink wine as a sign that they will experience the joys and sorrows of life together.




- All ceremonies in the Armenian Church are not paid for a certain fixed amount, donations are accepted


When a church wedding is not permitted


- on all days of Great Lent and the first eight Easter days,

- on all five days of each weekly fast: Peredovoy (Leading), Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration), Uspensky (Dormition Fast - Holy Mother of God), Vozdvizhensky (Exaltation), Christmas Pentecost and Nativity Fast.




Wedding inextricably neither state nor any other human authority. «what God has joined together, let no one separate». (Matthew 19:6). Just as it is impossible to separate Christ from His Church, so it is impossible to separate a man from his wife. The church interpreting the gospel lines about marriage (Matthew 5:32, 19: 3-10, Mark 10: 2-12, Luke 16:18), commits divorce only because of adultery.

The wedding is unavailable when

  • performed in secret;
  • executed by force;
  • the person getting married has a legal spouse.


Existing Armenian churches in St. Petersburg


Armenian church of St. Catherine

Address: 40-42, Nevsky prospect.

St. Catherine's Church is open from 09:00 to 19:00.

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated every Sunday at St. Catherine's Church at 11:00.

Every day at 10:30 there is a morning service, and at 16:30 an evening service.


Church of the Holy Resurrection

Address: 29, Smolenka River Embankment.

The Church of the Holy Resurrection is open from 10:00 to 17:00.

Every day at 10:30 there is a morning service, and at 16:30 an evening service.




Website: www.armenian-church.ord

Phone: +7 (812) 570-41-08 (Church)

+7 (812) 571-29-80 (office)