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Wedding ceremony (Nikah) in Islam


The Muslim wedding, also known as the Nikah ceremony, symbolizes the process of sacred unity of marriage between a man and a woman. It gives not only the right for legal family relations, conjoint domestic life and bearing children, but demands undertaking mutual obligations as well.

In accordance with traditions, Nikah is obligatory for Muslims willing to marry. Legal marriage registration solely cannot substitute Nikah.


Step by step instruction to apply for Nikah in the Saint-Petersburg Jameh Mosque


  • A couple applies for conclusion of Nikah. It’s either possible to do an application in written form handing the paper in to the Jameh Mosque (7, Kronwerk Ave.) or to mail a special e-form to the following address
  • Waiting for the application to be proceeded, announcement of the ceremony’s date and time.
  • On the appointed day, a couple performs the Nikah ceremony.     


Obligatory requirements for Nikah

Several mandatory requirements are to be met by a couple to get married.

  • Adulthood and mental health of a groom and a bride.
  • Absence of kinship between a groom and a bride.
  • Both a groom and a bride agree to get married.
  • The presence of both groom’s and bride’s parents/guardians or solely bride’s parent/guardian. In case their participation is not possible due to reasonable excuse, mullah has to be informed in advance of their consent in writing.
  • Witnesses present at the Nikah ceremony.


St. Petersburg Jameh Mosque


Jameh Mosque’s location: 7, Kronwerk Ave. (Gorkovskaya metro station)

Tel.: +7 (812) 233-98-19

Opening hours: daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.