2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ (14 June - 15 July)

The World Cup in Russia will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018. Matches of the Championship will be hosted by 11 cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and Sochi.

Which matches will be held in St. Petersburg:

  • June 15, 18:00 – MOROCCO-IRAN;
  • June 19, 21:00  RUSSIA-EGYPT;
  • June 22, 15:00 – BRAZIL-COSTA RICA;
  • June 26, 21:00 – NIGERIA-ARGENTINA;
  • July 3, 17:00 – SWEDEN-SWITZERLAND;
  • July 10, 21:00 – FRANCE-BELGIUM;
  • July 14, 17:00 a match for the third place will take place.


Match Schedule

The venue for the matches of the Championship will be the Saint Petersburg Stadium.


 Saint Petersburg Stadium (Futbolnaya alleya, 1, str. 1)   

The Saint Petersburg Stadium , located on Krestovsky Island, is also known as the Zenit Arena. It is the main venue for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ . At the time of the 2018 World Cup, the stadium has been given the official name of "Saint Petersburg".  


  Stadium history

The Saint Petersburg Stadium is located on the site of the former Kirov stadium, which was opened on 30 July, 1950 (construction began in 1932).

The project of the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa was chosen for the construction of the arena in 2006, which provided for the preservation of the dimensions of the hill and pavilions of the Kirov stadium. The football field also remained in the same place as in the old arena. In addition, the stadium preserved cash pavilions and a monument to Kirov.


Key figures

68,000 spectators is a stadium capacity for football matches, 80,000 — for various theatre and concert events;

2732 parking lots are located near the stadium, 230 – inside the stadium;

24,000 people can be located on the lower tier of the stadium, 44,000 people on the top;
287 680 square meters is the total area of the arena;
26 000 square metres is area of commercial premises



Stadium facilities

  • The highest stadium in Russia – 75 meters;
  • Huge roof – 71000 square meters;
  • Roll-out field – 7000 tons;
  • Metal structures – 32 thousand tons;
  • Experts from around the world – 4500 people
  • Space for everyone – 14270 seats designed for active fans, 560 for visitors with limited mobility and 104 skyboxes
  • Excellent infrastructure - 8 cafes and 8 restaurants for 5 thousand seats, as well as 1109 and 1311 female and male toilets, including 46 for visitors with limited mobility


FIFA Fan Festival 

During the FIFA 2018 ™ FIFA World Cup ™ in St. Petersburg at the Konyushennaya ploschad' (Konyushennaya Square) will be held a FIFA Fan Fest. In addition to the square, the Fan Festival venue includes an adjacent area of the naberezhnaya reki Moiki (Moika River embankment) and part of the Marsovo Pole (Field of Mars).

The FIFA Fan Festival is the best place for watching football matches, if you are not at the stadium.  It will become an integral part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, and its venues will become the place for meetings of fans from all over the world.

In addition to watching the game on a large screen, visitors can enjoy some live music, hobnob with star footballers and other VIPs at the Fan Fest, and buy souvenirs from FIFA sponsors and partners.

Entrance to the Fan Fest will be free for all visitors, and stay at the Fest – comfortable, safe and memorable.




Where to watch football:


#FootBroFest in Lenexpo

Lenexpo became the place of attraction for football fans.

This summer the football festival FootBroFest gathers fans at the Gulf of Finland and fills territory of the Lenexpo exhibition complex with the spirit of big sport.

FootBroFest is being held within the framework of the project "City is ready."

Age restrictions: 12+

Entrance is free


Fan zone on Vasilievsky Island

A meeting place for fans of all countries!

The largest indoor fan zone for comfortable viewing of matches. There you can found live stream of all FIFA World Cup matches, performances of musicians, lectures, food court, special area for play and much more!   

Age restrictions: 6+
Paid entrance




Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor of Football Fans’ House

An Official fan club of Russia national football team called Russia Unites opened the Great Gostiny Dvor of Football (rus. Большой Гостиный двор футбола) in the very heart of St. Petersburg.

Football fans now have an opportunity to support the fan club of Russian team and make the real fan's dream come true: always follow the national team of Russia. And it can be done only by teaming up with each other, for example, in the House of Fans that is open daily from June 5 on the 2nd floor of the Nevsky line at  the Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor!



Main football parties of summer

In time of the FIFA World Cup, In Russia will take place a number of VIP parties for football fans.

Participants of event are 22 the brightest clubs from 11 host cities of the tourney. In the framework of the project AfterParty2018 these sites prepared special entertaining programs and will provide unforgettable impressions.



On a new special Saint Petersburg Metro map is indicated in Russian and English, how to reach the World Cup matches from any part of the city. 




In addition, a new map of Saint Petersburg was specially designed for the 2018 World Cup. 

On this "football map" can be found the special shuttle bus routes operating free for fans (with a FanID and a ticket for the match), as well as the point, where a fan zone with large screen is located.





Ticket programme of the 2018 World Cup 

 To apply for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Tickets during the First Come First Served Sales Period described above, please follow the steps:

1.Visit 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ ticketing website at www.FIFA.com/tickets.

2.Open an account by providing your personal details.

3. Apply for Tickets by clicking in the menu item “Apply for Tickets” onwww.FIFA.com/tickets.

All Ticket Applicants will receive a confirmation message by e-mail from the FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre (FWCTC).  


For more information on Tickets for the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia ™, please follow the updates on the website: http://www.fifa.com/


Fan Guide

To enter the stadium, each fooball fan should have two documents:

  • A valid ticket for the upcoming match;
  • A FAN ID

The FAN ID should be obtained in advance at the FAN ID Distribution centerlocated at the address: Saint Petersburg, Liteyniy prospekt, 26,  BC "Preobrazhensky Dvor".

Business hours: Tue-Sun 11AM to 8PM (no breaks). Closed on Monday.

How to get to: The FAN ID Distribution center is located at Business center "Preobrazhensky dvor", first floor, 26 Liteyniy ave., Saint Petersburg. You can get to the FAN ID distribution center as follows: From the "Chernyshevskaya" subway station, go along the odd-numbered side of Kirochnaya Street to Liteyny Avenue. Then, along the even-numbered side of Liteyny Avenue, go to No. 26. The FAN ID Distribution Center is located on the first floor of the "Preobrazhensky Dvor" Business Center.


Prohibited items

  • weapons of any kind, whether intended for self-defence or otherwise, any ammo or any component parts of firearms;
  • devices or implements, whether self-manufactured or otherwise, which, without in themselves being pyrotechnics, may be used for the scattering or spraying of diverse materials or substances (pneumatic crackers);
  • materials of extremist, offensive or discriminatory nature;
  • promotional materials of any kind;

To see a full list of prohibited items


Phone nimber +7 (812) 323-38-82

In St. Petersburg the City Volunteers of the Host City program is implemented at the center of preparation of volunteers. (Saint Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa, 8).

In St. Petersburg, it is planned to involve 2300 volunteers, 2,000 of whom entered the main team, and 300 is a reserve that will be aimed at ensuring a high level of hospitality.

In total, 5,904 applications were submitted for the competition of the program “City’s Volunteers”, three candidates made claims for one place. The most popular among the candidates was the function "Cultural and entertainment program."

Not only Russians were offered to become volunteers. From China were received 173 applications, Kazakhstan send 43 applications, Spain - 27, and France - 18.

In the age categories, young people 16-25 years old (85.5%) became the leader. The next in the list by number is the population aged 26-40 (11.7%), and citizens from 41 to 60 years (2.5%) close the rating. Interesting was the age of the oldest selected - 83 years.

71% of the volunteers are women. The number of men is less - 39%. The name Anastasia became the most common among the female part, and among the men's it is Alexander.

The most unusual professions of city’s volunteers were the artist of the symphony orchestra, geophysicist, geologist, laboratory assistant researcher of the oceanology department, optometrist and train composer.

An interesting fact: the distance to the farthest place of living of one of the candidates is 11,559 km.

Head of the host city Saint Petersburg volunteer training center Georgy Borisov said: “Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, every tourist knows that. That is why so important for our city to share its cordiality, to acquaint our foreign friends with the centuries-old culture of our country and leave as many pleasant impressions as possible! “

The main mission of the City Volunteers program is to present Russian hospitality to the guests of  2018 FIFA World Cup, as well as help to feel the grandeur and cordiality of the city on the Neva river.

See more information about the City Volunteers program 



 Where to stay in Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tourists from all over the world come to the Northern Capital to see its famous monuments with their own eyes, stroll through the streets of the city and admire its rich cultural and historical heritage. The charm of the city is complemented by the hospitality of accommodation facilities. St. Petersburg hotels are available in different categories, from inexpensive mini-hotels and hostels to luxury hotels. Such a wide range allows each visitor to find a suitable place of residence according to their needs and means.

You can find a hotel here


On the questions regarding available accommodation, please contact the Fans Accommodation Support Center of Saint Petersburg.


Contact center for tourists: 8-800-7700783, 456-03-03;  (9:00-21:00)


 Where to stay in Leningrad Region

Football fans who is planning to visit St. Petersburg this summer will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the monuments of the Middle Ages of the Leningrad Region.

The Leningrad Region is an incredibly beautiful region, the territory of which is carefully preserved the history of the Russian state from its very sources. Numerous memories of history and culture, including those included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, hospitably meet travelers from all over the world.

Find where to stay in Leningrad Region



Where to eat. Gastronomy

What could be more inspiring than observing the amazing masterpieces of St. Petersburg architecture while enjoying delicious food? Panoramic views, diversified menu, exquisite desserts, attentive staff – all this guarantees a lovely time on a night out! Some restaurants of Russian traditional cuisine offer typical dishes like borshch, shchi, solyanka, Russian salad (Olivier), vareniki, etc. Also, you will be pleasantly surprised by the great number of restaurants with a variety of European and Asian cuisine. Here, we have gathered the best restaurants of the city for you.

Find the restaurants here


Places to visit in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is called “the cultural capital” for a reason:  the best museums of the city have gathered true masterpieces of painting, graphics, sculpture, jewellery. However, while visiting this wonderful city, you definitely should not limit yourself only to the most popular sights. St. Petersburg is not just the Hermitage. There are a lot of unusual, informative museums of all kinds in the Northern Capital. Loft projects and creative spaces have gained great popularity recently. Here, meetings with famous people, useful lectures, unconventional exhibitions and exciting concerts take place. For those who prefer to spend evenings with a jolly crowd in a relaxed atmosphere, the suitable areas are Rubinshteina street, Kazanskaya street, Konyushennaya square.  We are confident that everyone will find entertainment to their liking in this stunning city.

Find places for leisure and sights of the city

2018 World Cup News


Achilles predicted Switzerland's victory over Sweden

03 July 2018

An official oracle of 2018 World Cup made his sixth forecast for a next match, which will be held today in Saint Petersburg.

Stadium St. Petersburg popular among fans

02 July 2018

According to the TurStat analytical agency, in total, more than 2 million 177 thousand people saw the 2018 World Cup matches of the group stage at Russian stadiums, and on average more than 45 thousand spectators visited one championship match.

St. Petersburg most visited during World Cup

29 June 2018

"Tourstat" analytical agency has compiled a rating of the 2018 World Cup host cities with highest attendance of stadiums during the group stage of the tournament.

Matryoshka most popular souvenir of World Cup

29 June 2018

According to the Tvil.ru accommodation booking service, matryoshka doll, ushanka (Russian cap with earflaps) and "Zabivaka" wolf  have been recognized as the most popular souvenirs among foreign tourists, who came to Russia during the tournament.


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