State Dramatic Theatre on Liteyny


Theater of courageous director's experiments and remarkable actors


The theater in the building on Liteyny Avenue, 51, in the former Manege of Sheremetev count exists more than hundred years, though under different names. In 1991 the regional drama theater received the official name "Theater on Liteiny", and this name was strongly fixed among Petersburg theater-goers. The theater on Liteiny is loved for a variety of genres, for the most various director's approaches, for courage in experiments and, of course, for actors, many of them are favourites of public, they are invited with pleasure for roles in cinema and TV series. 

Theater performances steadily receive not only flatter comments of critics, but also various theatrical awards. Performances of theater are performed on big, small and chamber stages, and there are serious statements "not for all" along with classical comedies, and also children's performances, musicals, concerts among statements of the  theater. The theater on Liteiny is glad to welcome the constant guests and the new audience.

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