Saint Petersburg Lensovet Theatre


A drama theater created in Leningrad in 1933 and named the New Theatre

The Lensovet Theatre is a unique phenomenon in Russian theatrical community. some theaters of St. Petersburg can hardly brag of such quantity of stars in troupe: once you mention Sergey Migitsko, Sergey Peregudov, Svetlana Pismichenko, Anna Kovalchuk, Larisa Luppian, Oleg Andreyev's names, the heart of each theater-goer and a film fan of our country fades. 

The theater located on Vladimirsky prospekt is loved by the audience not only for possibility to meet actors familiar by movie series, but also for unusual repertoire, it includes traditional classics in new reading (the Revisor,  the Don Quixote), and plays of modern playwrights, sometimes very difficult for understanding.

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