Museum complex "The Universe of Water"


The exhibitions are placed in the Water Tower and the building of the former reservoir of the Main Water Works

Today the museum complex comprises three expositions:

- 'The Water World of Saint-Petersburg' (historical exhibition inside the building of the Water Tower). Here the history of water conduits of different peoples and history of water supply in Saint-Petersburg are presented. Among the exhibits one can see wells and wooden pipes, brass wash basins and ceramic washstands, old drawings and photos.

- 'The Underground of Petersburg' (multimedia exhibition in the left extension of the Water Tower). This is a trip under the ground, repeating the water way from water intake through pipes to dwelling apartments – and back to a waste water treatment plant. Here one of the biggest models of the historical center of the city is located.

- 'The Universe of Water' (multimedia exhibition in the left building of the former clean water reservoir of the Main Water Works). Everything is dedicated to water here. Water as the greatest mystery. Water as medicine. Water as destructor. Water as standard. Water as music. Multimedia technologies and effects combined with the exhibits that are permitted to be touched with hands. The space surrounding visitors is changeable as the water itself: sounds, pictures, light are changing.

Exhibitions 'The Underground Petersburg' и 'The Universe of Water' are available only as tours (for individuals weekend tours are organized). The exhibition "The Water World of Saint-Petersburg" can be seen both within a tour group and individually.

Museum complex specialists have also developed more than ten interactive programs, intended for children of different ages – from preschool children to teenagers.

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