Saint Petersburg Museum of Electric Transport


The Museum of Electrical Transport presents the collection of exhibits showing the stages of development of electric transport in the territory of Saint-Petersburg.

Today the Museum allows to trace the development of the St. Petersburg public transport from the beginning of XX century. The main advantage of the exhibition is its full interactivity, almost all of the exhibits represent authentic samples of equipment from different epochs.  Visitors can view them, to go inside or even ride the tram or the bus of their grandmothers and great-grandmothers’ times. Maintaining and updating the historical monuments of public transport is the task of the museum staff. Other important activities are improving the culture of the urban electric transport usage and developing a positive attitude through the story of the development of the tram and trolleybus in Russia.

In recent years, the museum is rapidly gaining popularity and receives more and more visits, and often not only among residents of the city, but also visitors come from other regions of the country and from abroad. As well the role of the museum grows in cultural life: since 2011 it participates in the international event "Night of museums" and in the festival of museum programs "Children's days in Petersburg".

The museum involves active volunteers for the participation in life of the museum. They help and support on finding and delivering historical technology to Vasilievsky island.

All the restoration and renovation work take place on the territory of the museum since 2011.

  • Address: Saint Petersburg,Sredniy pr. V.O., 77
  • Phone Number: 321-54-06, 321-54-04
  • Site:
  • Working time:
    Monday - ТВ: Free
    Wednesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00
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