Smolny Cathedral Exhibition and Concert Hall


Smolny cathedral is a part of architectural ensemble of Smolniy monastery.

St Sampson’s Cathedral State Museum is an operating orthodox cathedral. It is one of the oldest cathedrals in the city, constructed in 1709 in honor of a victory of Russia over Swedes in the Poltava fight. There was the first city cemetery and the first almshouse opened in 1713 at the temple. Some of Peter I devotees found the last shelter on the orthodox and the next Lutheran cemeteries, for example, the first architects of Petersburg D. Trezzini and G.-B. Le Blond, the leyb-physician L.Blyumentrost, "prince-father" P.I.Buturlin and others. The magnificent carved throne and the shade over the throne in the main altar and an 11-meters iconostasis are of special value.

The place for construction of the temple was chosen not incidentally: the church was constructed near Vyborgskaya Road conducting in the times of Peter towards possession of the Swedish king. Going to fields of battles of the Northern war and passing by this temple, armies improved their fighting spirit and felt pride for a victory of the Russian weapon.

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