Institute of Russian Literature (the Pushkin House)


The first and the largest national literary museum in Russia

The historic building in the classical style is a part of the architectural ensemble of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island. The Customs was built in 1829-1832 under the project I.Luchini. Since 1927 the building are the Institute of Russian Literature and Literary Museum (Pushkin House). In corners of building gable there are three statues: Mercury, Neptune and Ceres (ancient Greek patron gods of commerce, navigation and fertility). Lions decorate the embarkment in  harmony with its simple, classic style.

The customs was built due to growth of the harbour that was on the Spit of Vasilievsky Island.

Compare the Customs Building with Kunstkamera  building. They are considered to have simular look and highlightе the symmetry of  the  ensemble of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island.

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