Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps


One of the largest military historical museums of the world

The official date of its foundation is August 29, 1703, when by Peter the Great’s decree a special Zeughaus (Ger. — Military storehouse for armaments, uniforms, equipment, etc.) was built on the territory of the St. Petersburg (Peter­-and-­Paul) fortress for the purpose of storing and preserving old guns and cannons. The Military­-Historical Museum of Engineer and Signal Corps is now one of the most significant military-historical museums in the world having precious collections of artillery armaments and ammunition, rifles and cold steels, military-­engineering equipment, signal means, combat banners, military uniforms, battle artworks, various insignia, as well as archival documents giving evidences of Russian artillery development history and feats of arms. The Museum holds impressive collections of paintings, drawings and sculptures. Amongst exhibits are works of art reflecting Russia’s heroic past, portraits of Emperors, Grand Dukes, famed commanders, plus soldiers and officers who distinguished themselves in military operations. 

The Museum holds Russian and foreign more than 25 items of cold steels and firearms which belonged to members of the Emperor's family: a blade of Peter the Great's sabre, sword of Alexander I, boy's guns of Tsesarevich Alexander Alexandrovich - future Emperor Alexander III and cold steels of the last successor to the throne - Tsesarevich Aleksei.

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