Museum of the history of political police in Russia


Branch of the State Museum of Political History of Russia

The Museum is situated in the building of former Saint Petersburg City Municipality (Gradonachalstvo) and City Police Administration. Centers of the Russian intelligence agencies were situated here in the 19th – first third of the 20th centuries.

The exposition covers the activities of secret services that ensured the political security in the Russian Empire and USSR, the suppression of dissent, and the role of secret services in the political society. The historical interior of the office that belonged to Felix Dzerzhinsky, the first deputy of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission (Cheka), who worked there in 1917-1918.

The Museum branch “2 Gorokhovaya Str.” carries out intensive expositional work. In the last several years the following exhibitions have been opened: “From a Blue Gendarme Uniform To a Black Mask Of Special Units”, “All-Russian Cheka, KGB and Federal Security Service Against Terrorism And Espionage”; "Cheka Agent’s Shoulder Straps On Women’s Shoulders”, etc. The characteristic features of the branch “2 Gorokhovaya Str.” are unique documents and objects given to the Museum by participants of the events which the exhibitions are dedicated to.

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