Mikhailovsky Castle


The building was built by architects V. Brenna and V. Bazhenov in the style of romantic classicism

Mikhailovsky Castle or Engineers’ Castle is the former imperial palace in the center of St. Petersburg which is situated at 2 Sadovaya Street. It was built for Emperor Paul I at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries and became a place of his death. The building was built by architects V. Brenna and V. Bazhenov in the style of romantic classicism.
Mikhailovsky Castle was named after Archangel Mikhael who was the patron saint of the House of Romanov. And the word “castle” (which is not typical in Russia) was chosen because Paul I (who took the title of Grand Master of the Order of Malta) called all his palaces "castles"; the second name "Engineers’" began to use since Mikhailovsky Castle was presented to the Central College of Engineering in the early 1820s.

There are some legends associated with the murder of Paul in the castle. It is said that a few months before the death of Emperor one crackpot appeared in St. Petersburg (in some versions - Xenia of St. Petersburg), which foretold that he will live as many years as the number of letters in the inscription above the Voskresenskie gate of the new palace. In the Biblical aphorism «ДОМУ ТВОЕМУ ПОДОБАЕТЪ СВЯТЫНЯ ГОСПОДНЯ ВЪ ДОЛГОТУ ДНЕЙ» (“O Lord, holiness for long days belong to your house”) are forty seven letters. He was killed being forty seven.

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