«Trickster» - museum of laugh


Interactive museum for children and their parents

The main goal for the creators of «Trickster» was to show the Russian culture and its curious pecularities through comic world and games.

Exhibitions of «Trickster» differ from the projects of classic museums  - the carnival-historical character of the exhibits is displayed with joy and fun. Organizers of the museum wanted to promote a totally new phenomenon - the museum’s happening. The exposition of «Trickster» gives an opportunity to acquire knowledge and  to perceive it in a fun and easy form  - from interacting with museum’s objects, looking at them from different points of view.  In the result, each visitor creates his own space, filled with impressions and joy.

At the moment «Trickster»’s  collection is divided into two blocks. One of them is dedicated to the world of childhood, the other - to the satire and humor of the adult world, with an emphasis on the image of «the jester».

June 2012 the museum of laugh «Trickster» delivered an exposition and playroom of soviet board games, more than 150 games of 1930-1990-es. The games are very popular both among adults and children who come with their parents.

In addition, the museum holds and develops author tours, carries out joint activities with other public organizations in the framework of humour culture. The playroom is located in Zhukovsky street, 37. Visitors of lectures on comic culture also come here. On Sundays there is a special cultural program, dedicated to the art of game and magician world of foulness.

«Trickster» regularly organizes exhibitions in cooperation with other museums of St. Petersburg, as well as organizes its own  original city-tours: «Fashion and fashion shops in St. Petersburg», «Criminal Ligovka», «Holidays of old Petersburg» and many others.

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