Museum of Nonconformist Art


Museum of Nonconformist Art collects and exhibits unofficial art of the Soviet period (1950-1980) and contemporary Russian art

The collection of the museum was formed in the end of the XX century, the largest part of exhibits came from small collections of unofficial painters and artists of Saint – Petersburg. In the 8o-es Petersburg was a center of unofficial and anti-soviet culture, important tensions and trends were derived from a city quarter now  known as Pushkinskaya street, 10. In modern Russia Pushkinskaya street, 10 became important art-center.

Today the museum of Nonconformist Art is a part of cultural centre on Pushkinskaya street, 10. Museum of Nonconformist Art was founded in 1998.The collection of the museum consists of 1400 exhibit. Collection of paintings and graphics of the Leningrad’s unofficial art of 50-90-ies forms the largest and the most interesting part of the exposition. The museum is also famous for it’s collection of modern art photography. Museum plays important role in the lives of contemporary painters of Saint – Petersburg. The number of exhibition projects of the Museum is about 45 in a year, and all projects are corresponding to the actual problems of contemporary art and society. 

The Museum actively propagates new artistic and exhibition strategies. It also organizes conceptual exhibition projects of contemporary artists. The Museum works with new technologies (video and multimedia art).

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