Mysteries of Petersburg interactive museum


The project can get you acquainted with the spookiest myths of Petersburg

"Mysteries of St. Petersburg" is an interactive performance with shows, professional actors, mannequins, and robots among masterfully recreated streets of old St. Petersburg, the water flows and flames. There are ghosts and wandering shadows, an elevator trembling under the feet, and many other mysteries. This action is happening in the space of stereo, video projections, installations, and ingenious holographic media stunt, and beautiful scenery, created with true care.

The project bears educational value. It is intended to show magnificence of the city full of legends, myths, tragic stories of life of the emperors and their courtiers, heroes of classical Russian literature outside the scope of works of art. At the same time, it is clear that the horrors are nothing more than tragic or dramatic events that occurred in the past or were created by imagination of writers in St. Petersburg.

Duration of show – 50 minutes

Age restrictions –10+;
Number of people in the group: up to 25;
Beginning of the show: every 15-20 minutes, for organized groups a pre-registration is required.

Ticket prices
Adult – 1000 roubles
Students 800 roubles
Retired people  500 roubles

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