FlyStation is a unique sport attraction and a freefall simulator

FlyStation is a  unique sport attraction and a freefall simulator, that is only 10 minutes away from Devyatkino subway station (red line, north). It implies floating in the air without any special holding device. Good mood and adrenaline rush are guaranteed! Flight in windtunnel is like skydiving from 4000 meters! But here you don't risk your life. This is a great entertainment for the whole family! FlyStation windtunnel offers you a pleasure you can't compare with anything else! And it's available for everybody!

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  • Training
  • Competition
  • Address: Санкт-Петербург, Всеволожский район, 7 км Токсовского шоссе (10 минут от метро "Девяткино")
  • Phone Number: 812-6330707
  • Fax: 812-6330707
  • Site: flystation.net
  • Email: info@flystation.net
  • Working time: Round table
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