Lumiere Hall creative space


The largest gasholder of the 19th century is located in the center of St. Petersburg, which has long been abandoned and could not find his destiny, now turned into a projection of the First Museum in Russia

A new cultural facility is equipped with the most modern projection equipment on a regular basis will be transformed into an atmospheric place where you can plunge into the works of great artists, learn interesting facts about their life and just get aesthetic pleasure from being in a spherical space.

The main feature of the Museum is that there are 30 screens and more than 40 projectors, which transmit the image with 3D animation in Full HD, making your heart beat more often, and surround sound in 20 KV take the visitors to the exciting events of the picture.

In addition to a giant projection hall with multimedia exhibition it will be possible to listen to lectures about the works of significant figures of the art world, sitting comfortably on the Ottomans or to lie on the hammocks. A special workshop is equipped at the exit where everyone who has been inspiried by the works of the great artists can write their own masterpiece under the guidance of talented artists.

The second building of the gallery format was opened within the complex where on a regular basis will be held exhibitions of paintings and photographs. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to attend exciting seminars, which will be held in lecture rooms and in may it is planned to open street lecture hall.

The projection Museum “Lumiere lounge” will become a new symbol of St. Petersburg, which combine the unique spirituality and continuous development.

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