Military Medical museum


Military Medical museum – museum of Russian medicine and military medical service

Military Medical Museum is a museum of Russian medicine and military medical service. Specialists call our museum "Medical Hermitage". Its collection originates from instruments Masterovaya izba which was founded by Peter I, collections of Surgical, Pirogov, Military-sanitary and other museums. The exhibition and museum collections are unique objects revealing pages of the history of national and world medicine from ancient times to the present day.

 Museum proudly presents the personal funds of great medical scientists: Vladimir  Bekhterev, Sergey Botkin, Yakov Villie,  Vladimir  Oppel, Ivan Pavlov, Nikolay Pirogov, Ivan Sechenov, Genrikh Turner and many others who have made a significant contribution to world science and medicine.

The museum is located in the center of St. Petersburg, in the historical territory of the Life Guards Semenov regiment and its hospital.

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  • Address: Saint Peterburg, Lazaretny pereulok, 2
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  • Additional: +7 (812) 315-72-87 (general director's secretary); +7 (812) 952-55-43 (please call this number to order the excursion)
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