Logistics Museum


The Logistics Museum is the first and only specialized museum in Russia as of today displaying the complete cycle of goods movement from the producer to the customer. You can learn about different spheres of applied logistics in our Museum: production, storage, processing and transportation of cargos. During the visit to the museum, the guests learn about current status, tendencies and prospects of modern logistics development.

The museum opened in the end of 2011 in St. Petersburg and this city was not chosen by chance. St. Petersburg is the only metropolis in our country, where the transportation and logistics complex includes all major means of in-city, suburban and external transport. St.Petersburg has operating sea and river ports, airports, intermodal terminals, warehouse facilities, large production and transportation companies.

In 2015 the “Logistics – in Motion!” project by the Logistics Museum became the winner of the 12th grant competition of museum projects — “A Changing Museum in a Changing World” by Vladimir Potanin charity foundation, “Museum Start” nomination. The foundation grant as well as the support of several logistics companies made it possible to construct a new building for the Museum with the use of sea containers. Now the Museum is located in a picturesque spot by the Gulf of Finland opposite the docks of the Sea Port of St. Petersburg and the express highway of the Western Speed Diameter.

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