Interactive Center “Health Museum”


Educational space in the heart of St. Petersburg where your body becomes the main exhibit.

The Health Museum is an educational space in the center of St. Petersburg, where young doctors tell visitors about the mysteries of our body, teach simple rules of self-care, and conduct exciting experiments.

Here you won’t find the exhibits, paintings and displays familiar to the ordinary museum, but you will acquire something more valuable - knowledge about yourself and vital skillsfor well-being.
The Health Museum classes are prepared by practicing physicians based on proven scientific knowledge to ensure that whatever you learn is truly beneficial. We are against boring lectures, so each topic is adapted for guests from 5 years old and includes practical experiences, visual experiments and game techniques.

Here are just a few topics from the many options for activities in the Museum of Health: how the heart works and why the heart rate changes, which foods are healthy andwhere the calories are hidden, how the brain controls the body and how musclesdevelop, how viruses differ from bacteria.

Classes are held in small groups of up to 15 people. Some topics are taught in English.

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