Tank from sea bottom will be exhibited at Palace Square

13 March 2018

American tank of the Second World War period that was raised from the bottom of the sea will be restored and then shown on 9 May at the Palace Square of St. Petersburg.

The tank was raised from the Barents Sea by the divers of Russian Northern Fleet. The war machine was found on the transport ship “Thomas Donaldson”, which had drowned in 1945 during the 2nd World War. The tank is completely covered with rust. However, according to experts, it is in a satisfactory condition.

The tank had already been delivered to the logistics support brigade of the Western Military District, stationed in the Leningrad Region. There it will be restored and prepared for the upcoming celebration of May 9 — The Victory Day. US medium-sized tank known as Sherman will take part in the exhibition of military equipment at the Palace Square.

"It is planned that on May 9, along with other exhibits, the restored combat vehicle will take its place in the ranks of the deployed expositions, and all residents and guests of St. Petersburg will be able to see it", press service of Western Military District reported.