160 paintings by Malevich more in Russian Museum

19 March 2018

As a gift from the daughter of the artist Nikolai Suetin Nina Nikolaevna Suetina, museum received part of the Russian avant-garde graphic artists’ collection. 160 works of the Suprematism creator are among them.

According to the Russian Museum, graphic works will be exhibited already this year. The concept of the exhibition is already being developed by employees of the museum. Now the drawings are carefully studied.

The order and the context of showing the paintings are being determined at the moment, so that viewers would be able to understand their content as much as possible.

Recall that the Russian Museum has the biggest collection of works by Kazimir Malevich who is the creator of a new direction of painting such as Suprematism. Artist's paintings in number 101 works are stored in museum. Until recently, there were only 50 Malevich’s drawings and now became much more.