Hotels to start selling “Podorozhnik” card

25 April 2018

During the World Cup 2018, residents and guests of Moscow and St. Petersburg will be able to purchase the combined “Troika / Pododozhnik” transport card in hotels. This was reported by press service of the Mayor of Moscow.

"As part of preparations for the World Cup, we are working on the sale of combined transport cards "Troika / Podoroznhmik" in hotels of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Fans and tourists will be able to purchase travel cards with their trips already recorded before they enter the transport", Deputy Mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov said.

The card is valid for all public transport of St. Petersburg and Moscow. According to the message, this ticket will be convenient for fans planning to attend tournament matches in both cities.

More than 20 hotels in Moscow and more than 10 hotels in St. Petersburg have already signed a contract for the sale of combined cards and the list will be replenished. Tickets will be available for purchase at the reception of hotels during the FIFA World Cup.





Photo: Press Service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow