Sergey Korneev: St. Petersburg has a unique resort area

26 June 2020

On the eve of "The 1st Channel", the Doc-Tok program was released, among its themes, in particular, was the development of tourism after the pandemic.

The program participants were Zarina Doguzova, head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Dmitry Gorin, vice president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), Taras Demura, general director of TUI Russia and the CIS, Alexander Gorelov, deputy director of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor and other experts.

The head of the Committee of Tourism Development of St. Petersburg, the Minister of Tourism of the Kaliningrad Region and the Minister of Culture of the Republic Khakassia also joined the discussion.

Sergei Korneev said that in St. Petersburg a roadmap has been developed for the gradual exit of the city’s tourism industry from quarantine restrictions.  The first test step of this program was the opening of sanatorium facilities for citizens, who will begin to take for medical reasons.

"The hospitality industry is starting up gradually now: a sanatorium complex, first to provide rehabilitation and health services, navigation of river passenger transport, and this is the fresh air of the Neva, the resumption of open terraces of cafes and restaurants, parks with the possibility of maintaining a distance, then further in July  according to the roadmap developed by the committee. All we really want to start work immediately in full measure.  But there is a danger that opening of everything too quickly can immediately lead to a return to restrictive measures, which means putting an end to hopes for the tourist season."

Also, the chairman of the committee reminded the audience of the "First channel" about the unique resort area of  St. Petersburg.

“The city has the largest sanatorium complex in the world in the northern latitudes.  Today, there is a trend and the need for many people to improve their health, including after all the viral troubles, and for this, St. Petersburg has unique natural healing factors - the Baltic sea air and coniferous air, mineral waters and well-developed spa medicine with a highly professional staff. We expect to develop and promote one of the best cluster of health and medical tourism in Russia.  St. Petersburg has offers for almost all types of tourism and for our guests we have prepared many interesting options, including in partnership with neighboring regions, in particular with the Leningrad Region."

During the program, the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Zarina Doguzova, spoke about her plans to spend several days in St. Petersburg, in the Kurortny district on the Baltic coast.