The exhibition “Preserve and Multiply” will open in St. Petersburg

13 September 2021

The jubilee exhibition “We Preserve and Multiply”, timed to coincide with the 265th anniversary of the      St. Petersburg State Theatre Library will open there on September 24, 2021. Here you can see the materials received in the sketches fund and collection of archival documents over the past ten years.

The creating of the collections began in 1919, when the “Technical Library of the Directorate of the Imperial Theatres” and the first archival documents of the theatre figures joined the library collection. For a long time, these two collections were hardly replenished with new materials. In 1993, a department to work with rare collections of “Rare books, manuscripts, archive and depictive materials” was created in the library; the fund regularly began to acquire sketches of theatrical costumes and scenery, archival documents and rare books, recreating the history of the theatre. At present, there are 25,000 sheets in fund.

In recent years, the library has acquired over 400 sheets of sketches. These are works of artists, masters of the St. Petersburg art school and young people, including: Z.P. Arshakuni, T. G. Bruni, I. I. Vedernikova, I. V. Gabai, V. I. Dorrer, E. B. Kapelyush, M. F. Kitaev, E. S. Kochergin, M. V. Lukka, M. B. Mokrov,  G. N. Moseev, E. U. Orlova, N. I. Polyakova, N. I. Sizykh, V. I. Firer, I. I. Cherednikova. The collection of archival documents of St. Petersburg cultural figures was also replenished, more than 12,000 items of storage: personal archives of director N.V. Demidov, actor O. G. Okulevich and theatre expert   M. N. Laskina, theatre artists M. F. Kitaev, V. L. Stepanov, O. S. Savarenskaya, stage technologist V. V. Bazanov, art critic M. N. Mertsalova, one of the library directors M. P. Troyansky, art critic  A. A. Bartoshevich, directors A. A. Belinsky, M. V. Sulimova and E. M. Padve; theatre experts, art critics  L. I. Gitelman, T. B. Zabozlaeva, V. M. Krasovskaya and D. I. Zolotnitsky. St. Petersburg actresses   T. M. Abrosimova and S. N. Kryuchkova began to grant their documents.


To visit the exhibition

From September 24 to November 6, 2021 free of charge

Address: Zodchego Rossi st. 2 (entrance from Ostrovsky square)

Tel: +7 812 5717711

St. Petersburg State Theatre Library opening hours

Mon – Fri: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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