Autumn in the Silver Necklace museums

13 September 2021

“Each time that Autumn comes I bloom afresh…”

Alexander Pushkin

Autumn. What range of emotions does this word evoke? For some, it is a time of rain and melancholy, for others – a period of inspiration and new ideas. In any case, the deciduous season does not leave people indifferent. Autumn’s wilting nature does not cast a gloom over museum staff, but, on the contrary, fills their hearts with inspiration. That is why exhibitions, excursions and festivals begin to play out in fresh colors and acquire bright tones during this period.

In September, the Silver Necklace museums are ready to share the arts with tourists, offering museum events organized specially for autumn. Travellers will be able to visit a jazz festival in St. Petersburg, walk the paths of the great poet Alexander Pushkin in the Pskov region, get acquainted with the arts and crafts of the Komi Republic and learn about the history of the Kaliningrad region…

This digest will tell you about September events taking place in the museums of the North-West. For your convenience, the events are grouped into categories, each of them worthy of traveller’s attention.

Have an exciting autumn, friends!


The Amazing Nature of Mon Repos

Region: Leningrad region

Museum: Museum-Reserve “Mon Repos Park”

Event: excursion “The Amazing Nature of Mon Repos”


Visitors will be able to learn about the natural diversity of the Karelian Isthmus through the example of Mon Repos Park. Here you can find tall pines, strong oaks, thickset spruces, fern, horsetail, heather, rare species of moss and lichen on granite rocks. Moreover, Mon Repos is a place with unusual granite outcrops. This phenomenon vividly illustrates the impact of the Ice Age.

The Baltics: United Sea

Region: Kaliningrad region

Museum: Museum of the World Ocean and the National Maritime Museum

Event: Exhibition “The Baltics: the United Sea”


The exhibition “The Baltics: the United Sea” is a great opportunity to see the Baltic Sea through the eyes of artists from 2 countries and to feel the fresh sea breeze. The exhibition presents original works by Kaliningrad plein-airists and reproductions of Polish artists’ paintings. You will see marine and industrial landscapes, images of coastline and cityscape with museum ships, as well as views of boats and ships made in various painting techniques.


September at Anikushin’s Studio

Region: St. Petersburg

Museum: Studio of M.K. Anikushin (branch of the State Museum of Urban Sculpture)

Event: workshop sessions at the Studio of M.K. Anikushin


In September, workshop sessions at the Studio of M.K. Anikushin will give you an opportunity to mould a horse or a profile of Alexander Pushkin, create a forest landscape and cast a plaster relief of a lion’s head. Excursions will teach you how monuments are created and where sculptors find inspiration; you will learn to understand contemporary artists’ works and give them your own interpretations.

During the walking tour “Pushkin’s walks around Anikushin’s studio” you will be able to enjoy the same path that Pushkin used to take near his dacha on Chyornaya Rechka; you will find out how the area of “aristocratic dachas and imperial residences” looked like in the 19th century and how Anikushin incarnated poet’s image in plaster and bronze.

You can also explore the Studio on your own: take a family guidebook from a museum sprite, use a free audio guide, or go on the Great Museum Walk with the Chizhik chatbot.


Russian saints

Region: Saint Petersburg

Museum:  Saint Isaac's Cathedral State Museum

Event: Russian Saints Exhibition


The Russian Saints Exhibition in the Chapel Museum of the Savior on Spilled Blood will present a collection of unique monuments of icon painting of the 16th – 19th centuries depicting images of saints especially revered by the Russian Church. The exhibition presents more than 40 works that will let you learn about the holy saints who had a significant impact on Russian culture and history, actively participating in the formation and strengthening of the country. The icons shown at the exhibition were collected in the 1920s and 1930s, when churches and monasteries were closed for services everywhere and monuments of religious art were under the threat of physical destruction.


Region: Arkhangelsk region

Museum: Kargopol Museum, Church of Zosima and Savvaty (Oktyabrsky prospect, 18)

Event: Monasteries and Saints of the Kargopol Land Exhibition

Date: 01.09.2021-30.09.2021


The exhibition presents items from the monasteries of the town of Kargopol: the Uspensky female and the Spaso-Preobrazhensky male monasteries. Visitors will see unique icons, amazingly beautiful priest vestments and a unique 17 century handwritten book from the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery. The second section of the exhibition is dedicated to local saints.


Igor Churilov's Paper House

Region: Saint Petersburg

Museum: Museum of Saint Petersburg Avant-garde (House of M.V. Matyushin)

Event: Igor Churilov's Paper House Exhibition

Date: September 16 to December 14


Igor Churilov is a famous Saint Petersburg artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Igor Churilov's Paper House exhibition will present the author's original inventions related to colour collage, matrix engraving and watercolours from different periods.

Kind, Eternal Stone Painting

Region: Murmansk region

Museum: Kirov Museum of History and Local Lore with a memorial to S.M. Kirov and the exhibition hall

Event: Kind, Eternal Stone Painting Exhibition

For the first time the exhibition of works by L.B. Sazykina, the founder of stone painting (paintings of stone chips), will present paintings from a private collection. The works are impressively grandiose and colossal. The exhibition will also provide the opportunity to see the artist's tools and decorative minerals from the Kola Peninsula. Everyone will also be able to visit a master class.


From painting to fashion

Region: Kaliningrad region

Museum: Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts

In September, guests of the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts will have the opportunity to visit a secret tour of the Exchange building, theatrical and walking tours, a quest, master classes or one of the exhibitions “Scenes of Private Life. The Interior in the Graphic Arts of the 20th century" from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery, "Albrecht Durer. To the 550th Birth Anniversary”, “Art Nouveau and Fashion” and others.



Pushkin Golden Autumn

Region: Pskov region

Museum:  Museum-Reserve of A. S. Pushkin «Mikhailovskoye» (The Pushkin Museum-Reserve)

September in the Pushkin Museum-Reserve is the Pushkin golden autumn. Spending a day with Pushkin, visiting excursions in three museum estates, plunging into the atmosphere of a peasant life, gaining skills in making souvenirs, writing and sending a letter from the museum post office is exciting and possible.




Manifestation of the Ordinary

Region: St. Petersburg

Museum: State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSPHOTO"

Event: exhibition “Sergei Osmachkin. Manifestation of the Ordinary"

Date: until September 19


Sergei Osmachkin is a representative of a generation of young photographers who, with their aspirations and creative searches, determined the intensive development of Russian art photography since the late 1970s and led it to success on the international art scene in the 1990s.

The retrospective exhibition includes 100 photographs from the series "Open Spaces", "Still Life", "Pink Smoke", "Songs of the Ordinary" and "Courtyards and Streets of Old Samara". Among them are gelatin-silver prints made by the author in 1978-2001 and modern digital photographs taken by Sergei Osmachkin in 2000-2021.


"Taking photos with delight... 15 years!"

Region: Murmansk region

Museum: Monchegorsk Museum of Colored Stone named after V.N. Dava

Event: exhibition "Taking photos with delight ... 15 years!"


On September 17, an exhibition of photographs by the Imandra Photo Club from Monchegorsk will open at the Museum of Colored Stone. We invite you to admire the creative works of famous masters of photography from Monchegorsk. The exhibition runs until 10 October.


From the Alinari brothers to the Masters of Modern Photography

Region: St. Petersburg

Museum: State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSPHOTO"

Event: exhibition “Italy. From the Alinari brothers to the Masters of Modern Photography"

Date: until September 19


The exhibition celebrates the charm and diversity of the Apennine Peninsula. An anthology of images for the last century and a half composed of the works of more than 75 photographers is presented to the viewers.

The exposition consists of three sections: "Landscape", "Works" and "Faces". Each of them is a historical, geographical and artistic journey, in which a continuous series of changes in Italian life is revealed through the bright thematic pairs: such as North and South, city and countryside, work and leisure, tradition and innovation, social history and cultural life. Visitors will see more than 120 works.


Pavlovsky Coffee-Jazz

Location: St. Petersburg

Museum: Pavlovsk State Museum

Event: Music Festival "Pavlovsky Coffee-Jazz"

Date: September 25-26


Jazz music will resound in the autumnal alleys and park pavilions of one of the most beautiful landscape parks in Europe. St. Petersburg jazz performers are taking part in the musical sets. At each venue you`ll be able to have a cup of coffee.

The fragrant drink will add a tart note to jazz improvisations and golden autumn colors.

Visitors of the festival will enjoy popular hits and original improvisations by famous masters, as well as a leisurely stroll through Pavlovsky Park, feel the aroma and taste of their favorite drink and appreciate the afterglow of this unusual coffee and jazz event.


The Year 1946. The Beginning.

Location: Kaliningrad region

Museum: Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Arts

Event: a free tour of the exhibition "The Year 1946. The Beginning." In remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Kaliningrad region (within the framework of the national campaign "Cultural Saturday")

Date: September 11, 11:00


The exhibition is dedicated to the formation of the Kaliningrad region and its development in the first post-war decade. It was a turning point in the history of the former German province, which became the new Soviet territory.

The exposition presents authentic historical items from the funds of the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Arts. In total - about 1,000 exhibits: household items of Soviet settlers and local residents, documents, photographs, newsreels, national costumes, products of industrial enterprises, sculpture, paintings. This exhibition recreates the atmosphere in which the new region of Russia was born.

Battle of Kulikovo

Location: Vologda region

Museum: Belozersk Museum of Regional Studies

Event: "Battle of Kulikovo" Exhibition

Date: until September 25


The exposition "Battle of Kulikovo" from the funds of the “Kulikovo Pole” (“Kulikovo Battlefield”) Museum-Reserve is dedicated to the history of the Belozersk Country. Among the exhibits you will find archeological items, reconstructions of armor and weapons, copies of historical documents, graphic works and interactive items.


Zarni Kiyas

Region: Komi Republic

Museum: Museum of History and Culture of the Sysolsky District

Event: Exhibition of arts and crafts «Zarni kiyas 2021», timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Komi Republic


The craftsmen of the department of folk arts and crafts of the Ust-Tsilemsky Historical and Memorial Museum A.V. Zhuravsky became a special guest of the exhibition this year. Visitors to the institution have an excellent opportunity to compare the works of different regions of Komi, to admire the diversity, beauty and originality of the craftsmen.

Following in the footsteps of the epics "Biarmia" and "Kalevala"

Region: Komi Republic

Museum: Museum of History and Culture of the Syktyvdinsky District named after E.A. Nalimova

Event: interactive program «In the footsteps of the epics «Biarmia» and «Kalevala» (to the 155th anniversary of K.F. Zhakov)

Date: September 30, 15.00


I'm a tourist

Region: Komi Republic

Museum: Museum of History and Culture of the Syktyvdinsky District named after E.A. Nalimova

Event: interactive event for the Day of Tourist «I am a tourist»

Date: September 27, 14.00