Tourism Development in the USSR: Experience of Leningrad

24 September 2021

From September 27 in the Central State Archive of Historical and Political Documents of St. Petersburg (TsGAIPD SPb) there will be an exhibition "Development of Tourism in the USSR: Experience of Leningrad", timed to coincide with the celebration of World Tourism Day.

The exhibition provides an opportunity, using the example of Leningraders, to learn about how compatriots rested, strengthened their health and became culturally enriched in their travels across the USSR and European countries, as well as how they met the guests of the city in the Northern capital. In the exhibition gallery of the archive, you will see documents, photographs, albums, maps, souvenirs and tourist accessories - everything that reveals the idea of ​​different directions of Soviet tourism from resort trips to extreme conquest of mountain peaks.

The exhibition is open for visitors until December 20, 2021. Registration for excursions by phone: 8 (812) 241-56-7