The results of the "Diverse Petersburg" project have been summed up.

24 September 2021

"Fontanka" and the Committee for Tourism Development have summed up the results of the "Diverse Petersburg" project - a guide to the new tourist geography of the Northern capital.

The best courtyards, parks, restaurants and museums, for which the residents of the city voted for two months, were named on September 23 at the Olympia Palace.

  • Best Public Space - New Holland;
  • The best courtyard is the Saint-Germain courtyard;
  • The best park is the Botanical Garden;
  • Best Public Museum - Lighthouse Service Museum;
  • Best Museum by appointment - Museum at the Stieglitz Academy;
  • The best attraction outside the center - the Forts of Kronstadt;
  • The best author's excursion - excursions along the front doors;
  • The best space for children and parents is the Isle of Forts;
  • The best author's and atmospheric restaurant - "Chebureki and a drink at Larisa" in Komarovo;
  • The best panoramic point is the La Vue restaurant;
  • The best historical catering establishment - Pyshechnaya on Zhelyabova;
  • Best Conceptual and Historical Hotel - Astoria;
  • Best building - Palace of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich;
  • Best event - "Scarlet Sails".



A "Diverse Petersburg" Guidebook is a project of "" and the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg. This is a guide to the Northern capital from connoisseurs and confident users of the city. We have collected for you the favorite places of Petersburgers - those that most often are not yet included in the official city guides and classic routes, but where the townspeople themselves go "for the soul" after work, on weekends, as a cultural leisure. Those places that locals are proud of and those that will reveal the soul of the city in its lively, modern "sound".